Review: UNDER PRESSURE by Lori Foster

In Under Pressure by Lori Foster, Catalina Nicholson used to live a quiet life of an art teacher. Six weeks ago she overheard her step-father and a very powerful man discussing the murder and rape of a young woman. Cat has been on the run since that day, trusting no one until she meets Leese Phillips. Leese, a retired MMA fighter and body guard for the Body Armor Agency has been hired to protect Cat. Cat, like any woman, can’t help but be dazzled by Leese’s good looks and ripped body Gradually though, she comes to trust Leese and confesses who her enemy is. As Leese tries to stay one step ahead of Cat’s enemy, he begins to fall in love with his feisty client. Can Leese protect Cat? Will Cat trust Leese with her heart?

Readers of Foster’s Ultimate Fighting series might remember Leese from that series. Leese realized that he wasn’t good enough to be a champion, so he retired and became a body guard instead. Leese makes for quite the hero. Like so many of Foster’s male characters, he has a very rigid moral code that he believes in and upholds. You definitely want Leese to be fighting on your side.

Cat is such a firecracker. She is determined to survive and is very bold in her observations on life. Once Leese is able to get her to safety, Cat emerges completely from her shell and a strong protective side of her comes out.

Leese and Cat make for a great couple. They are opposites that actually mesh perfectly together Their love scenes unquestionably add a good deal of heat to this suspenseful plot.

Under Pressure is the first book in the new series Body Armor by Lori Foster. Foster has once again delivered a book with all of her signature writing styles: hot honorable Alpha male hero, a spunky heroine, and a intriguing plot that will keep readers turning the page. If you like romantic suspense, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Under Pressure

Author: Lori Foster

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

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