Review: BITE THE DUST by Cynthia Eden

It’s been a little while since I have read paranormal romance, and every time I have a craving I turn to Cynthia Eden. She gives me that paranormal fix in exactly the right way. Bite The Dust, the first book in the Blood and Moonlight Series was just what I needed. Eden does a spectacular job of writing her paranormal beings a little bit different in each story including their legends and myths. It’s not the same old story with different characters. They are unique.

In this story, Aidan (alpha werewolf) fears that Jane (local homicide detective) will become something that will result in her death by himself or his pack. He can’t let that happen. Jane doesn’t want his protection and wants to find the culprit of all of this chaos and end him, regardless of the fact that he is a Master Vampire who is also after her. She wants justice. Aidan and Jane are quite a force on their own but when you put them together, they are unstoppable.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bite The Dust. The plot is intriguing which has you flipping pages, the villain is crazy, the intimacy between Jane and Aidan is off-the-charts steamy, and the ending will have you pleased and frustrated at the same time. This series is a trilogy so the story continues. There isn’t a cliffhanger with this book, but there are still some unanswered questions that will have you running out to buy the next one so beware!

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