Review: DEADLY SECRETS by Misty Evans

Deadly Secrets by Misty Evans is another fantastic romantic suspense full of mystery, passion, and lots of secrets. In this book we are not privy to the villain’s point of view, which allows us try to solve the mystery along with the characters.

Roman and Brooke are interesting characters, however I didn’t fall in love with the right away. They slowly grew on me which was a nice twist. Perhaps it was Brooke’s cautious nature or Roman’s polite assertiveness that made them more “real” and not like traditional romance characters. Whatever it was I finally fell in love with them about the time the clothes started coming off because boy can they make love! It was hot and sexy and real at the same time. It was cerebral sex, as Brooke talks about in the story when referencing her romance novels.

Speaking of romance novels, Evans’ brilliant use of the heroine comparing her “real life” to that of a romance novel heroine was extremely fun. The fact that Evans used her own book – Operation Sheba – which happens to have my favorite romance couple was icing on the cake!

The ending to the mystery and learning the secrets all the characters harbored was nothing like I imagined (because I was coming up with plenty of explanations in my head!). When you read a lot of books you like to be surprised and I was in Deadly Secrets. If you are looking for a well written story with sexy characters, mystery, action and suspense, give Deadly Secrets a read.

Title: Deadly Secrets 

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

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