Review: HOT SHOT by Kelly Jamieson

In Hot Shot by Kelly Jamieson, Marco Solis learned a long time ago not to get too close to anyone. His parents were deported back to Mexico when he was just fourteen, throwing him into the foster system. His sister ended up being adopted and has stopped talking to Marco. While serving in the military, Marco’s fiancée decided she couldn’t wait for him to return home and married another man. Now his best friend is pulling away from Marco as he spends more time with his fiancée. Except his friend’s fiancée brings an unexpected intrusion into his life in the form of Carrie Garner. Carrie is way out of Marco’s league. She is a model, who is leaving for Spain soon to study photography. Not to mention she drives him bonkers but that doesn’t stop him from lusting after her. When these two finally give in to their attraction, they agree to have a no strings affair. Gradually these two realize they want more from each other. Will they admit to wanting a long term relationship or will Carrie leave Marco for Spain?

There is a lot of delicious tension in this book. Marco and Carrie both claim to dislike each other. Carrie thinks he is a shameless flirt and Marco thinks she is too flighty. As they plan ad surprise engagement party for their mutual friends, the sexual tension ramps up, until they finally decide to just get it out of their system.

One of the things the book focuses on is how all of us have insecurities and how they affect our lives. Marco has a fear of abandonment and keeps people at arms length. Carrie feels she is never taken seriously because she is a model. These insecurities play into their relationship but ultimately, Carrie and Marco find a way to overcome them.

Hot Shot by Kelly Jamieson is the second book in the Last Shot series, but it can be read as a standalone. Jamieson has created a fun, sexy read with great banter between the two main characters. If you like contemporary romance, this book would be a great read for you.

Title: Hot Shot (Last Shot, #2)

Author: Kelly Jamieson

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: NetGalley

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