Review: DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE by Sara Donati

In Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati, Elizabeth Bonner wants nothing more than to raise her growing family in peace. Word reaches her that her husband and father-in-law have been arrested as spies in Montreal and face being hung for a crime they didn’t commit. Elizabeth decides she has no choice but to gather up her children and head north to plead for her husband’s life. Things become more complicated as the mysterious Earl of Carryck begins to manipulate the Bonners from Scotland. Carryck needs a male heir or his estate will forfeit to the crown. Elizabeth and Nathaniel’s infant son would make the perfect heir and Carryck arranges to kidnap all of the Bonner’s children. Will Nathaniel and Elizabeth ever be reunited with their children?

I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth’s character in this series. Unlike a lot of women in the late 1700s, Elizabeth speaks her mind and stands up for herself. In this book we also get a glimpse of the aristocrat she was raised to be as she battles Carryck for her son.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth’s relationship continues to get better. Unlike many men in that time period, Nathaniel sees Elizabeth as his equal partner in life. Their love for each other is very tangible and you just know that their story will be passed down through the generations.

The overall plot was a sprawling global saga that kept me interested. From the backwoods of New York to Scotland, Donati lays out a fascinating story. Her description of life during this time period add another dimension of enjoyment to the story.

Dawn on a Distant Shore is the second book in the Wilderness series by Sara Donati (not a standalone read). Donati does a wonderful job writing vivid descriptions of post Revolutionary War America. Her leading characters find a way to nestle in your brain and become like family. If you love the Outlander series, this would be a good read for you.

Title: Dawn on a Distant Shore

Author: Sara Donati

Category: Fiction

Source: Borrowed from library

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