Review: HOT PURSUIT by Julie Ann Walker

Julie Ann Walker has done it again. Each new Black Knights Inc book I read I love it a little more than the last one. While I once was annoyed by Emily and Christian in a previous book, I absolutely loved them in Hot Pursuit. In this book, we find Emily, Christian, Ace, Rusty, and Angel trying to get the heck out of England when a piece of Christian’s past comes back to make life difficult for the team. As with all of the BKI books, this one is filled with suspense, intense emotions, new romance, and a whole lot of passion.

From the witty banter between the characters, the hilarious internal monologues and the fresh and current voice that Walker offers, Hot Pursuit is a fun book from start to finish and had me furiously flipping pages and hanging on each word. She keeps the reader wanting to read just one more page but before you know it you are at the end! This story is the one that keeps you from sleep, housework, and other aspects of life that demand your attention.

If you have read previous BKI books, you know the men and women know how to handle their weapons. In Hot Pursuit, they are left without weapons and have to outsmart and outrun their threats. It brought about a bit of simplicity, yet was just as exciting to see what they had to plan and what would happen when confronted by armed men.

Now, let’s get to the romance part of the story. Christian and Emily bicker. They push each other’s buttons. They are both irritating. But they also have secrets that explain their personalities. Watching them discover the softer side of each other and how good they are together was truly rewarding. It was like your two best friends finally gave into their feelings for one another and you just know it is a match made in heaven. Walker did such a lovely job with the two of them from the way they poke fun at each other to their love making and the deep down love they show one another. It was fan-freaking-tastic.

One thing a bit different in Hot Pursuit compared to the other books in the series, is that Walker gave us a teaser of a relationship between two males – Rusty and Ace. While I typically am not interested in male/male stories, I was very intrigued by this one. The source of their arguing and what is preventing them from getting together is one I can’t wait to find out how they solve. Even if you are not interested in male/male books, you can still read this one just fine, as the relationship doesn’t really go far yet.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense to read next, give Hot Pursuit a read. It is an extraordinary story that will have you thinking about the characters long after you finish the book.

Title: Hot Pursuit (BKI, #11)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received via NetGalley

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