Review: KEEGAN’S LADY by Catherine Anderson

In Keegan’s Lady by Catherine Anderson,¬†Ace Keegan has returned to No Name, Colorado to extract revenge on the men who killed his step father. Unfortunately, the ring leader is now dead but Ace decides that ruining the son will work just as well. What Ace doesn’t count on is meeting the daughter, Caitlin, who immediately works her way into his heart. When Caitlin’s reputation is tarnished, Ace does what he thinks is the honorable thing by marrying her. Ace wasn’t prepared for how much damage her abusive father did to Caitlin and Ace embarks on a mission to convince her that all men aren’t bad. Will Caitlin ever trust Ace? Will Ace get revenge on the men who changed his life forever?

There are so many layers to Caitlin’s character that I don’t know really where to start. She is loyal without a fault even to her no good drunken brother and a hard worker, who is working day and night to save the family farm. She is also ferocious in protecting any animal or individual that she feels is being mistreated.

The love that develops between Ace and Caitlin is a slow one. Caitlin is beyond angry that she is now trapped in a marriage that she didn’t want and is convinced Ace will treat her as nothing more than his property. As Ace comes to know Caitlin even better, he is horrified and angered to learn about the abuse she suffered growing up. Ace becomes determined to show Caitlin what love really is.

The story of Ace seeking revenge made for an engrossing read. Ace has hatched an elaborate plan involving rumors of a railroad spur to take down his enemies through financial ruin. At first Ace continues his plan despite the implications it could have for Caitlin’s brother but as he gets to know the family, Ace begins to question if it is worth it. He eventually comes to a crossroads where he has to decide between revenge or the woman he loves.

Keegan’s Lady is the first book in the Keegan-Paxton Series by Catherine Anderson. Anderson has written a beautiful love story as well as taking on the subjects of abuse, revenge, and forgiveness. If you enjoy historical western romances, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Keegan’s Lady

Author: Catherine Anderson

Category: Historical Fiction

Source: Borrowed from library

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