Review: MISTLETOE ME, BABY by Katie Reus

Mistletoe Me, Baby by Katie Reus reminds me of a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie with an added MA rating for the insanely hot love scenes. It has the adorable characters that are just so good down to their core with a tragedy that causes challenges in their budding romance. It leaves you with so much hope and joy in the end – all the aspects of a great story.

Miranda and Nolan are the best of friends, but they both secretly want to be more than just friends. An opportunity presents itself to Nolan and he takes advantage of it by sweeping Miranda off her feet. They have great chemistry doing daily mundane activities, but they are dynamite when the bedroom door closes.

Reus writes a passionate and heartfelt romance between these two friends to lovers in a novella format. It’s quick, but builds up nicely, and keeps the reader interested and flipping pages. If you like hot, sexy, Christmas stories that will entertain you from beginning to end and bring out many emotions while reading, give Mistletoe Me, Baby a read.

Title: Mistletoe Me, Baby

Author: Katie Reus

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received via NetGalley


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