Review: BLOOD VOW by J.R. Ward

Title: Blood Vow

Author: J.R Ward

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Borrowed from library 

Review by Candy

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When the Black Dagger Brotherhood puts out the word that they would be recruiting new members to fight the Lessening Society, the vampire Axe joined up. A loner by choice, Ace quickly proves himself to the Brothers as a ruthless fighter. So much so that he is recommended to take a job as the personal body guard to Elise, a member of the glymera. Axe doesn’t want or need the complications of being attracted to Elise but neither can seem to deny the heat between themselves. Meanwhile, Rhage and Mary are so very close to becoming parents as they proceed with the adoption of Bitty. When a relative comes forward the whole process is placed in jeopardy. Can Axe remain professional with Elise? Will Rhage and Mary finally become parents?

Axe looks like one of those guys that you don’t want to meet on a dark and lonely street. In actuality, despite his cold façade, he is really a caring individual who throws up walls to prevent from being hurt. His back story of growing up and how he lost his father was full of sorrow and explained so much of why he chose to become a loner. 

One of the reasons I love reading Ward’s paranormal books is that her female characters are always so strong. Elise is another perfect example of this. She has been secretly going to school to work on her graduate degree against her father’s wishes. As the story progresses, Elise stands up to her father and to the confining expectations of what it means to be female in the glymera. 

For me personally, the better story line was that of Rhage and Mary. Longtime fans of the BDB series have known that this beloved couple would adopt a young at some point. Traumatized and abused by her now dead father, Bitty blossoms under the attention and love of Rhage and Mary. It quickly becomes apparent that Bitty is meant to be with Rhage and Mary as their daughter. 

Blood Vow by J.R. Ward is the second book in the Black Dagger Legacy series (not a standalone read). Ward as always has created fearless male warriors and strong female characters that are so real they become family to you. If you love paranormal romances, Ward is a must read in this genre.

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