Review: FATAL THRILL by Misty Evans

Title: Fatal Thrill (SEALs of Shadow Force, #6)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

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Fatal Thrill by Misty Evans is the sixth book in the SEALs of Shadow Force series with an exciting adventure that takes the reader to abandoned castles in Ireland, follows a romance between two characters that are seeking the love of their families, and a team of highly trained operatives come together to help a woman they only knew through one of their own. Fatal Thrill is much more than just suspense. It is a mystery that you can’t put down because you find yourself thinking and want to help the characters along in their journey.

Jon and Jaya are the main characters in Fatal Thrill that readers met briefly in Fatal Vision. At the beginning of Fatal Thrill, Jaya is seeking Jon out to give him some great news and ends up at Rock Star Security. From there she meets many of the characters we have read about in previous books in the series, but she also gets alarming news that her brother has been kidnapped. From that moment, she receives the full weight of Shadow Force International’s resources. Jon and Jaya, along with several others embark on a journey to free her brother that will have you flipping pages.

Evans does such a fantastic job of writing stories for her characters. I rarely feel as though I have read the same story before from this author, and I have read all her books! Fatal Thrill is really all about family. The family that Jon and Jaya has lost and they so desperately want it back but feel time has slipped through their hands. While on their quest, they learn that family isn’t always blood relatives, but it is the friends and teammates that surround you. I truly loved this aspect of the story. Jon and Jaya are so loved.

The romance between Jon and Jaya was awesome because it wasn’t the typical boy meets girl and goes through some crap wondering if they are going to make it. They already knew each other when we first start the book and they stick together from beginning to end. They are supportive of each other and so in love. The ending of Fatal Thrill as it relates to their romance is absolutely perfect!

If you are looking for a romantic suspense that will take you treasure hunting in Ireland with the talented SFI guys and gals, give Fatal Thrill a read. You will love it!

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