Review: ENDURING LOVE by Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn, and Adrienne Giordano

Title: Enduring Love (Steele Ridge, #8)

Author: Adrienne Giordano, Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC Received from Authors

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

What an entertaining short story that is part of the Steele Ridge series! Enduring Love gives us a snapshot into Eddy and Joan Steele’s relationship. For those that have read the other books, this one answers the question of why Eddy has been a recluse for so many years and given up his family for the better part of 20 years.┬áIt’s a quick read and keeps you turning pages!

Reading this series has made me realize I want to be Joan Steele for my kids. She is one hard core mom who gives unconditional love to her family. She doesn’t let fear stop her from protecting her own, no matter the cost. She always stole the scenes in previous books and am so glad she has a story of her own.

We don’t know much about Eddy from the past books – just want his family mentioned or thought of him, so I was excited to read about him. My heart hurt for the family that missed out on him for so many years, yet it warmed when I learned the truth and how things ended. The beginning scene was absolutely priceless and I couldn’t have imagined a better story for Joan and Eddy. The authors nailed it with Enduring Love. Absolutely fantastic.

* * * * *


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