Review: BREAKING OUT PART 1 and 2 by Michelle Diener

Title: Breaking Out Part 1 and Breaking Out Part 2

Author: Michelle Diener

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: Purchased from Amazon

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

I first read Breaking Out Part 1 by Michelle Diener several years ago as part of an anthology. I loved it and hoped she would write more in the story. Well, to my delight, she then wrote Breaking Out Part 2! I just finished reading both of them and if you like paranormal stories, these are for you. They are shorter stories and can be read in just a couple of hours. The perfect time for a little getaway from reality.

Diener writes such unique stories that you get lost in quickly and Breaking Out Parts 1 and 2 are not different. We meet several “inmates” at a facility that are trying to, well, break out. They have enhanced abilities and are sick of being science projects. The characters are fascinating and the pace is quick and keeps you turning pages. If you are looking for an original, fast paced, paranormal romance story, give Breaking Out 1 and 2 a read.

* * * * *

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