Review: GRAVE SECRETS by Skye Jordan

Title: Grave Secrets (Manhunters, #1)

Author: Skye Jordan

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

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Grave Secrets by Skye Jordan is the first book in the Manhunters Series, and it is excellent. If you are a romantic suspense fan you will enjoy it! Even if you aren’t but have enjoyed Jordan’s other books, this one is worth the read.

Grave Secrets features the romance between Ian and Savannah. Ian is the newest member of the Manhunters team and is thinking this op in Hazard, Montana is a joke. He is used to neutralizing threats from around the world. Now he is after some small town counterfeiters?¬† What a joke. Savannah is a single mother who is trying so dang hard to get out from under the control of her abusive ex-husband. Too bad he is the sheriff and controls the entire town. When Ian and Savannah’s paths cross things heat up and you are in for quite a ride.

Jordan does a fantastic job with the plot of Grave Secrets. It is unique, well written, and exciting for the reader. It is filled with moments that have you sneaking around with the Manhunters and even on a high speed chase in he snow! Talk about an adrenaline rush. I love it when books bring out real emotions in me.

The romance between Ian and Savannah was easy and relaxed. Something Savannah desperately needed in her life. As with all of Jordan’s books, the intimacy was so well done between these two. I adored Savannah’s 5-year-old son, Jamison in this story. He provided such light to the scenes he was in and really connected with Ian.¬†Grave Secrets is a book filled with romance, passion, suspense, love, and hope. If you are looking for these things in your books, give it a read.

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