Review: DEADLY TARGET by Misty Evans

Title: Deadly Target (SCVC Taskforce, #9)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

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Get ready to hold on for this blockbuster of a hit with Deadly Target by Misty Evans. I know this book isn’t on the big screen but it sure should be. I felt like I just watched an intense movie that had me covering my eyes at some scenes and yelling at the characters during another. Evans delivers an emotional, complex, exhilarating story that will have you glued to the pages so you don’t miss a thing. In addition to all the betrayal that is going on in Deadly Target, we are also in the midst of a passionate love story between the two main characters…and perhaps another. It’s got everything I love in a good book.

When I have to set a book down because a scene is just about to get real and my emotions can’t quite handle the upcoming action or raw emotion, I consider it a job well done. The fact that Deadly Target could affect my emotions to the point I had to take a break, speaks volumes of Evans’ story telling ability. I love that I am affect physically when I read this book. Deadly Target made heart beat quicker, tears in my eyes threaten to overflow because of what I was reading. It’s that good.

Victor Dupe is the Director of the west coast FBI and Olivia Fiorelli is a US Marshal, who introduced to us in Deadly Holiday. They are a couple that you instantly love from the beginning. Their interactions are easy going and the chemistry is off the charts between these two. Evans does a fantastic job with their love story and I am so glad that Victor finally gets his love story!

If you are looking for an intriguing, sexy, romantic suspense, give Deadly Target a read. It stands alone, so if you haven’t read any of the other SCVC Taskforce books, you won’t be missing anything. And if you have read the other books in the series, you definitely won’t want to miss this one!

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