Review: RAPTURE by Skye Jordan

Title: Rapture (Renegades #8)

Author: Skye Jordan

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received form Author

Reviewed by Amy

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Oh how I can’t get enough of Skye Jordan’s Renegades! Rapture, the eight book in the series is captivating, steamy, raw, and romantic. When I read a series with so many fabulous characters, I often wonder if Jordan can write another story that will be as good as better as the others. I shouldn’t doubt her. Zahara, the first stunt woman that has been featured in the Renegades series and I loved it!

Zahara and Chase, the main characters of Rapture are explosive from the beginning and the story works so very well for them. Their conflict is not so unlike others but it is a raw and real.┬áJordan has an incredible way of putting the reader into the story and feeling all the same emotions as the characters. From the beginning during the hot, passionate, incredible love scene to the anger and disappointment when Chase wasn’t quite living up to his words. I love feeling the gamut of emotions while read Jordan’s stories.

I have enjoyed the stunt world that has been the Renegades series. Just like in the intimate scenes, Jordan does a fantastic job of showing us what is going on in the stunt scenes. From the exhilarating jumps over cliffs, to the painful landings of some stunts. It is an exciting and action filled part of the story! I loved every minute of Rapture!

If you are looking for a very sexy story with a long, detailed intimate scene along with fantastic story and well developed characters, give Rapture a read. Each of the books in this series stands alone, so while reading the others is a must for entertainment purposes, you can still start with Rapture. You will love it!

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