Review: DOG COLLAR CHAOS by Adrienne Giordano

I love a good Lucie Rizzo Mystery and Dog Collar Chaos by Adrienne Giordano is everything the series represents. From the wonderfully wacky yet loveable characters to a mystery that takes a lot of whit and hijinks to solve. It doesn’t hurt to have a protective mob boss father and a hot Irish detective to add to the entertainment. The result includes lots of laughs and heart warming fun.

Lucie always has the best of intentions but somehow she always ends up in an uncontrollable adventure where she meets the most interesting people. She ages her boyfriend cop daily but makes her Dad proud the way she fights for those she loves. They all love her just as much and would do anything for her. That’s what is so great about this series. I want Lucie to be my friend.

In Dog Collar Chaos, Lucie’s best friend Roseanne is arrested for the murder. One she did not commit, of course. Since the formal investigation is moving too slow, Lucie takes things into her own hands. Oh boy. Strap on your seat belt because things move quickly and Lucie won’t rest until Ro is out of jail.

I was ecstatic with how much Lucile’s Dad is in this book. He is such a protector and it’s great fun with him in each of his scenes. I absolutely adore hunky detective Tim O’Brien. He is absolutely perfect for Lucie. Bails her out when she needs it. Lets her do her thing when he knows she needs to make a stand or a point about something. His point of view was great in Dog Collar Chaos. I never got enough of him in past books (so he better come out on top if there is a love triangle going on in future books, Ms. Giordano!).

I don’t want to give away too much because these books are pure entertainment from beginning to end. I literally laughed out loud several times during Dog Collar Chaos. Giordano’s writing is pure gold which is evident in this book and why she will always be an auto-read for me. If you like humor, mystery, and a little romance, give Dog Collar Chaos a read.

Title: Dog Collar Chaos (Lucie Rizzo Mystery, #4)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Mystery, Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: BREAKING FREE by Adrienne Giordano

The Steele family is back! This time with their kick ass sister, Mikayla “Mickie” Steele. Breaking Free by Adrienne Giordano is a fantastic addition to the Steele Ridge Series. Each author of this series is so talented at bringing their touch to the series with unique, well written plots and loveable characters. Gage Barber is the light to Micki’s self-described darkness and I couldn’t have picked a better partner for her.

Breaking Free starts out with Micki leaving behind a situation and life she has known for the past ten years. She so badly wants to run back home into the loving arms of her family but is scared for their well being as well. The men she is leaving behind won’t let her go easily. Will she be able to break free from the hold they have on her? If the Steele family and her brothers’ best friend Gage have anything to say about it…

Giordano does a fabulous job with the suspense and plot of the story. From Micki’s secrets to how they were going to stop the blackmailing and rid Steele Ridge of Phil and Tomas was quite a ride. I didn’t want to put the book down because the pacing was so great you couldn’t stop and take a break! It was just a really, really good story. Gage and Micki’s internal battles were intriguing to read about. Watching them overcome their demons and challenges was inspiring. Just opening up and leaning on others was a huge thing for both of them.

I felt the romance between Gage and Mickis’s played out perfectly in Breaking Free. Gage was the hero that Micki needed but she was also able to put “Captain America” (love the nickname she gave him) in his place when he tried taking over too much. They showed a lot of respect for one another. I loved it! Oh, and their love scenes? Smokin’ hot.

If you have been following the Steele Ridge series, you won’t want to miss Breaking Free. If you haven’t read the series yet, the books are all stand alones so you can start with Breaking Free! You will love the family bond and want to read all the others after this one! Give Breaking Free a try. It’s a well written, entertaining, romantic suspense.

Title: Breaking Free (Steele Ridge, #5)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: MISSING JUSTICE by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

I can’t get enough of the Justice Team Series by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano. Missing Justice is the latest book by the duo writing team and features Taylor, an FBI agent and Matt, a Private Investigator. What starts out as professional competitors and a one night stand turns into a phenomenal story and adventure.

Evans and Giordano always come up with unique stories to tell with several layers and plot lines to keep the pages turning. In Missing Justice, the main plot is a missing wife and child of a United States Senator. Eight years after Justice Greystone (The Justice Team founder) gave it a crack as an FBI agent, Taylor starts working on it since there are new developments. As Taylor starts her investigation she runs into Private Investigator, Matt, and finds out the the senator has hired him to complete the investigation. Should they work together or against one another? The sparks begin to fly.

I absolutely love the way Evans and Giordano write their books. The reader gets to follow leads and work out the mystery alongside the characters which includes the emotional highs and lows that are part of any missing person case. It makes you feel as though you are part of their team helping them solve it.

Along with the amazing plot, Evans and Giordano really up the sexiness of the romance in Missing Justice. Matt and Taylor slowly fall in love with one another throughout the entire book and it shows in small moments whether it’s the hand holding or the passionate love scenes or the heart wrenching scenes where emotional walls are torn down. One aspect of their romance I loved is that they didn’t really leave one another. They worked through their issues without much physical distance.

Missing Justice can be read as a stand alone like all Justice Team books, so if you are looking for a fantastic romantic suspense story, give this one a read. You will love it whether you are a first time Justice Team reader, or have read them all!

Title: Missing Justice (Justice Team, #7)

Author: Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Authors


Review: PROTECTING JUSTICE by Misty Evans & Adrienne Giordano

I am so excited to bring to you this awesome review by my blogmate, Candy. If you have not read any books in the Justice Team Series, by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano, you must start. They are stand alone books so why not start with Protecting Justice? See what Candy has to say about it…

Protecting Justice for WebFallyn Pasche fixes problems for a living as one of the best spin doctors in the U.S. She’s used to handling other people’s problems and solving the vast majority of them. When her twin sister, Senator Heather Pasche is found dead in her D.C home, Fallyn immediately goes into fix it mode. When she discovers an encrypted tablet in Heather’s safe, Fallyn begins to wonder if there is more to her sister’s death and she calls the Justice Team for help.  Tony Gerard isn’t sure he still wants to be a cop after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a man Tony saw as a second father, was murdered on his watch. Taking a hiatus from his cop job, he accepts a temporary assignment with the Justice Team and finds himself neck deep in political intrigue as he helps Fallyn investigate her sister’s death. Will they solve the mystery behind Heather’s death? Can Tony and Fallyn mix business with pleasure?

This was my first time reading a Justice Team book. I sat down on my day off and intended to read just a few chapters. The next thing I know it’s dinner time and I have spent the entire afternoon reading.  Then because I didn’t want to waste valuable reading time cooking something, I actually ordered a pizza and kept reading until I finished. That’s how good this book is.

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Review & Giveaway: EXPOSING JUSTICE by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

So Many Reads is excited to be a stop on the Exposing Justice Blog Tour this month! We have a review from Mary for you as well as a giveaway of a gift card or an audiobook of Cheating Justice!

I had the chance to read Exposing Justice and the series continues to blow me away with original plots and characters but the same great storytelling, humor along with passionate romance and thrilling suspense! ~Amy

* * * * *

Exposing Justice HR for webI love this Justice series and Exposing Justice by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano did not disappoint. I find them fast moving and engaging with a lot of laughs thrown in through the thoughts of the characters. The collaboration of these two authors seems to work really well and it provides the reader with hours of entertainment.

In this book we find Brice, also known as Hawkeye, a cynical blogger who exposes political corruption paired with Hope who is a journalist working for the Office of Public Information. They connect over the death of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. While his death looks to be a result of road rage, Hope and Brice believe it is something else based on anonymous tips and just plain good detective work. What transpires results in intrigue and mayhem.  In the course of all this they find themselves falling for each other even though they rally against it.

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