Review: EXQUISITE BETRAYAL by A.M. Hargrove

In Exquisite Betrayal by A.M. Hargrove, Fallon McKinley has been blogging and reviewing her favorite romance authors for years. Now she’s headed to Vegas for a book convention and a weekend of fun. A chance run in with a sexy stranger at the airport leads to a one night stand. There’s something about Ryland Thomas Sinclair though that keeps Fallon coming back for more. As the two navigate through their relationship, Ryland eventually confesses a huge secret to her: he’s actually her favorite romance author R.T Sinclair, who she has promoted for years on her blog. Can Fallon keep his secret? Can Ryland Thomas learn to trust Fallon with his heart?


I purchased this book on July 8, 2014 in preparation for Penned Con. I started reading it and then for some reason I set it aside. I am so sorry I let this book languish on my Kindle because I throughly enjoyed this book.

I love how Hargrove highlights the world of reviewers and book cons. There are average readers, who will read a book and maybe recommend the book to someone. Then there are the Bookworms, who live and breathe books.  We review books on amy site possible  (maybe we even have our own blog ), we shamelessly promote books via social media or word of mouth, we join street teams, .we save our money to meet our favorite authors and get signed books,  and just maybe we become friends with the authors we adore. For those who aren’t aware of the book community,  Hargrove ‘s description of this seems farfetched.
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