Review: SHE SINS AT MIDNIGHT by Whitney Dineen

She Sins at Midnight by Whitney Dineen is a fantastic read – wonderfully entertaining!  This is Ms. Dineen’s first novel and she has quite that knack for the written word. This was  a fabulously snarky story about such relatable characters and don’t we women like a bit of reality once in a while?  The majority of the story is set in a very authentic feeling suburb of Chicago, Bentley Hills, with landmarks and areas that are familiar to this reviewer from the heartland.

21915642I laughed out loud at the scene in the mud with her best high school friend. I love that Lila is a real woman with curves and she rocks them with confidence. Lila doesn’t intimidate easily in a world where the new size 4 is a size 0. Her family’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches are mentioned on more than one occasion which makes her a girl after my own heart. Whitney Dineen writes a portion of the story set in Hollywood – or “Lala Land” as Lila calls it. The interesting thing is that Ms. Dineen clearly has inside information on that crazy town as she has a successful business as the “cookie queen” to A-list celebrities. Doesn’t that give this book an interesting spin?

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Review: RAW by Belle Aurora

WOW. Just wow. Raw by Belle Aurora is just that…raw. It will tear your heart out and take you on an emotional roller coaster.

At times I wanted to shake Lexi , our heroine, and tell her to wake up. At times I totally understood her and the almost irrational love she has for Twitch. I wanted Lexi to run screaming for the hills away from Twitch and his disturbed ways, and then I wanted her to forgive him. I love when my emotions, while reading a book, are all over the place and the author, just by words alone, can evoke a strong reaction from me.

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Review & Giveaway: THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED by April Emerson

We are celebrating the release of The Righteous and The Wicked by April Emerson today on the blog! As part of the celebration there are three copies of the book up for grabs, so don’t leave before you enter!

Review by Beth:

The_Righteous_and_the_Wicked_Low-Res_Front_CoverWhat happens when two seemingly very different people, with their own secrets, connect?  Light and dark collide in The Righteous and The Wicked and frankly, I loved it!  The thing that keeps the reader on the edge of your seat (and me ferociously reading) is the need to know these characters deep dark mysteries. What makes these characters act the way they do?  What keeps Emma reaching for the wooden box under her bed?  Why does Eric leave his home brooding in black? The author reveals this in such a deliciously slow way.

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Review & Giveaway: VANILLA TWIST by C.J. Ellison

We aren’t talking ice cream with Vanilla Twist by C.J. Ellisson or anything close to what you think of when something is called “vanilla”. Except that this read is yummy.

VTcoverVanilla Twist is the follow up to C.J. Ellison’s Vanilla on Top and completes the story of Heather and Tony. We see a bit of a wild ride for this couple but with a HEA ending!  I am still a sucker for those.  The bumps and conflict along the way make for an interesting story line.  I was propelled to read at crazy hours to find out the answers to the questions the author forces you to conjure up in your mind.

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Review & Giveaway: NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND by Christine Edwards

Today we are a stop on Christine Edwards‘ blog tour for Nabbed in New Zealand! Beth has a review for us and there are some great giveaways so don’t leave before checking it all out.

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About the Book:


Taking a break from her job at an art gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, Valla Denier escapes on a week-long camping tour of New Zealand with a small group of companions and two skilled guides. Valla is enchanted by the wild beauty of the South Island and Kaikoura Beach, as well as the local men. After catching the eye of a rugged, drop-dead-gorgeous man in a café, she is shocked to run into him later that evening at a karaoke bar. Setting her shyness aside, she serenades the stranger with a seductive tune. She never imagines the lyrics would be taken literally.

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