Review: MO’S HEART by Edie Ramer

This is my favorite book by Edie Ramer so far. I think it is because all the love it has in it. Romantic love. Family love. Friend love. Even small town love. It is only 99 cents right now (through April 25), so go get your copy today!

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Review: MIRACLE PIE by Edie Ramer!

We all look for miracles, don’t we? There are some that are obvious to me like the birth of a baby. Others happen all the time but we don’t notice them or take them for granted.  I am really enjoying Edie Ramer’s Miracle Interrupted series because miracles are happening all the time in the small town of Miracle. They don’t always happen in the way we expect, either. Miracle Pie is the 4th book in the Miracle Interrupted series.

Right now Stardust Miracle (Book 2 in the Miracle Interrupted Series) is FREE on Amazon


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Review: STARDUST MIRACLE by Edie Ramer

I am relatively new to Edie Ramer’s books, after only reading Dead People and Dead People in Love (novella). I really liked her writing in those so I was excited to try another one and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. She writes really good books!

SMI didn’t really know what to expect with this book and was pleasantly surprised by it. Edie Ramer writes stories that seem to go against mainstream plot lines which make her books fun to read. In this story we follow Becky who seems to have one thing after another knock her down. She is married to the town’s golden boy of a pastor and is the perfect wife. Unfortunately it isn’t a life that she planned for herself. She has been living up to everyone’s expectations except her own. Continue reading