Review & Excerpt: KISSING HER COWBOY by Adele Downs

We are celebrating the new release of Kissing Her Cowboy by Adele Downs with a review from Paulette and excerpt. This short romance story is only 99 cents, too!

Kissing Her Cowboy

Kissing Her Cowboy is a short story about injured bull rider Trey Woods, and Daisy Phillips.  Daisy had to leave the police force in Philidelphia due to an incident and she is trying to start over in Texas. The only hitch is it is for the mounted police and she is skittish around the large creatures.  Daisy is Trey’s new student and in teaching her to be comfortable with the horse, the two get comfortable with each other.

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Review: THE GROUP SEDUCTION by Wendy S. Marcus

I can honestly say I have never read a book like The Group Seduction by Wendy S. Marcus before. I am still not sure what I think about Annabella’s decision to seduce her husband in the company of others, but it sure made the story interesting. The story is a very accurate portrayal of what can happen between busy spouses with children and jobs if communication is not maintained. Women, whether we want to admit it or not, need that physical intimacy from our spouse and it’s one of the ways we feel loved and cherished.

GroupSeduction-coverThe Group Seduction is a fun short story that had me daydreaming about what it would be like to surprise my husband like Bella did for Jack. Many non-fiction readers don’t realize that you can improve your marriage from reading romantic fiction. I have done the same things Bella has and when I read her doing it to Jack I was kicking myself because I saw it from a different perspective. Reading this story has made me more conscious of how my actions and words affect my husband.

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Review: THE CHRISTMAS WISH by Katy Regnery

Katy Regnery continues her Heart of Montana series with a Christmas novella to tie us over until we get Erik’s story in book two. Since I did not read a synopsis of The Christmas Wish prior to reading it, I was surprised to find out it was not a continuation of Jenny and Sam’s story. Instead we get to learn more about Tess Branson the waitress from book one and Lucas Flynn, a new character.

katyregneryBeing a novella, the book is a very quick read but it was a refreshing love story. The great part about the story was that the hero and heroine are not the cookie cutter perfect characters. They are flawed. Some may say they are outcasts in that perfect little Montana town. Tess is the town tramp and Lucas is an ex-con, but together, they work.  Once they get past their issues and see themselves as they see each other the two are able to find love.In this story there is only a brief glimpse of Jenny and one of her brothers but it works and ties well to this story. Continue reading

Review: BY PROXY by Katy Regnery

Paulette reviews By Proxy by Kate Regnery

By Proxy was a very sweet, likeable contemporary romance by Katy Regnery and is the first in her Heart of Montana series. Jenny Lindstrom is the sweet, small town girl standing in as a proxy for her cousin Ingrid who is marrying Kristian. Kristian’s proxy is his big town savy cousin Sam Kelley. The two get off to a rough start which in turn results in the unlikely pair spending a weekend together in Montana. The characters have chemistry together and develop significant feelings for each other during their short weekend together.


What I loved about the book was the wonderful imagery created in Regnery’s description of Montana and more so, a small Montana town during Christmas.  My only critique is that Sam’s reflection on the way he has spent his last few years casts an unfair light on the way a big city like Chicago has Christmas. Growing up near Chicago, I personally have wonderful Christmas memories, even if they are different then the small town-type Christmas celebrations, which seem great in this book.

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