Review: DESIGNED FOR LOVE by Kelsey Browning

Designed For Love is the fourth story in Kelsey Browning’s Texas Nights Series and I am excited we get more of Ashton. She was the rich society girl from Houston who tried to sue Roxanne in the second book of the series. By the end of the book, she was redeemed in my eyes and was looking forward to her book. Honestly, I had a harder time remembering Mac, the hero in this story. He is the complete opposite of the old Ashton. In addition, he has some issues with the past that he is still dealing with and working on the Lily Lake project is only a step back in the direction to his life and work in Dallas.

Ashton knows Mac is not gonna be around but she can’t fight the attraction to Mac and honestly her forward behavior was unexpected. There was good chemistry between the two and I really enjoyed the build up for this couple and their relationship both in and out of the bed, or should I say hammock. What I wasn’t expecting was the comedic nature of this book. Definitely coming across more as a romantic comedy than an angst driven story, this fourth book was refreshing.

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Review: TEMPTING THE PLAYER by Kat Latham

In Tempting the Player by Kat Latham, Libby Hart and Matt Ogden have been best friends for five years. They have even become furry parents to an adorable Chihuahua named Princess.  Matt, a rugby player for the Legends Club, has a horrible panic attack while flying with his team. Finally admitting that he has a fear of flying, Matt asks Libby, an accomplished pilot for a discount airlines, to help him overcome his fear. Libby accepts and then makes a proposal that takes their friendship into relationship territory.  With their careers heading in opposite directions, can they save their new relationship?

I absolutely loved this book!! I am honestly not a sports person (other than baseball) and like most Americans I really have no clue about rugby. One of the best things about this book is that Latham includes a handy glossary of terms so that even someone who knows nothing about the sport can follow Matt’s actions on the field.

The friendship between Matt and Libby really makes the whole book. They are so comfortable with each other prior to taking things further.  Once they start thinking about each other as more then just friends, they both question if it’s worth it. Neither one of them wanted to loose their best friend if the relationship didn’t work out

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Review: ROGUE’S PARADISE by Jeffe Kennedy

Holy freaking cow. Fantasy is not normally my genre of choice, but the way Jeffe Kennedy writes it, well, wow. Rogue’s Paradise is the third book in her Covenant of Thorns series and by far my favorite. It’s the culmination of everything Rogue and Gwynn have been through in the first two books. It’s the book with the most emotional ups and downs. It’s the book that shows the true, deep connection between Gwynn, Rogue, Faerie and the Human realm. It’s also the book that shows what is going to come of Titania as well as Rogue, Gwynn and their child.

You really need to read the first two books in the series before you read this one. It is not a hardship, though, let me tell you. The entire series is quite an adventure. One of the things I like most about it is that the whole fantasy world of Faerie is looked at/lived in by a human. So, we get to see how a human reacts to it. Gwynn continues to journal since she looks at things scientifically and has a lot of theories about the Faerie. I have enjoyed watching Rogue and Gwynn grow throughout the series. Rogue is really starting to understand Gwynn’s mind and Gwynn is starting to let go of needing some of those hard and fast facts that she craves.

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Review: DARKEST CARESS by Kaylea Cross

I am relatively new to paranormal romance but I am not new to Kaylea Cross’ writing. If you have read her romantic suspense books you will not be disappointed in this paranormal romance. She takes the same edge-of-your seat writing and puts it into Darkest Caress. Her characters and story have great depth to them. She writes in third person so you get to feel what many of the characters are feeling, including the villain of the story which greatly adds to the suspense.

In this book we see that Daegan accidentally finds his mate in Olivia while searching for real estate to set up and prepare for a war that is coming against the three Empowered males left. When Daegan finds Olivia and tries to explain why he is drawn to her and what she is, Olivia is not sure she can trust him and wonders if she is going crazy. However, she can’t deny that she is drawn to him and feels very protective of him. She also has learned that she has a special gift and a pain that comes with that gift and only he can take away her pain.

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Review: TAKEN WITH YOU by Shannon Stacey

Dreamy sigh. That was my reaction after I finished reading Taken With You by Shannon Stacey. Taken With You is a page-turner full of romance, humor, a little sass, passion and a swoon-worthy happy ever after. Even though I am on book 8 of the Kowalski Series and they are set in the same town, I don’t feel as though I am reading the same story with different characters, as some series can end up.

In Taken With You, Matt moves to Whitford, Maine as the new game warden. He first meets Hailey, the town librarian when she and her friend Tori get lost in the woods. From the beginning there was no way Matt and Hailey were meant for each other. Hailey’s idea of Mr. Right is a suit-wearing, museum-going, wine-drinking, 8:00 -5:00 type ofguy. Matt’s idea of the perfect woman is a girl who isn’t afraid of dirt and sweat, likes to fish and hike and doesn’t mind that he gets called at all hours of the day. So, from the beginning you can see these two are headed in different directions. How can they possibly work?

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