Character Interviews: THE MISFIT BRIDES SERIES by Jamie Farrell

I am so excited because today we have three couples from the Misfit Brides Series by Jamie Farrell here! You read about them the past few days here on the blog. Now you get to learn more about them through an interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Blissed1800x2700-200x300Amy: Thank you, CJ, Natalie, Will, Lindsey, Mikey and Dahlia for joining us today on So Many Reads! This first question is for the guys. What was it that made you fall for your girl?

CJ jumps right in: “Easy. Natalie’s cooking skills.”

Lindsey chokes on her water.

Natalie gives them both the evil eye: “Very funny. Just because some of us have talents outside the kitchen…”

Mikey jumps in with a goofy grin: “Dahlia’s ice cream did it for me. She puts something special in there, if you know what I mean.”

Dahlia gives him a playful shove. “Can you save the wink-wink, nudge-nuge for at least the second question? These poor people don’t need to know you’re a dog this early in the interview, do they?”

Will: “Dahlia, darlin’, these folks have seen enough BillyVision to know Mikey. Plus, Amy read his book. And mine. They know.”

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Character Interview: Hostage Rescue Team by Kaylea Cross

Have you enjoyed learning about the Hostage Rescue Team boys this week? I sure enjoyed reading about them. I reached out to author Kaylea Cross and asked her if she could invite the boys to the blog for a short interview. I was super excited to learn that they said yes so I hope you enjoy the interview with the heroes from the first four books!

Interview with Matt DeLuca, Clay Bauer, Brad Tucker and Jake Evers

markedThank you all for taking the time to visit So Many Reads! I am truly honored to have such men of honor here. To kick things off, can you tell the readers where you served in your military days before you joined the FBI and the HRT?

Jake Evers: I was a Ranger.

Brad “Tuck” Tucker: SF, then Delta. So, Army.

Clay Bauer: I was a Navy sea mammal.

Matt DeLuca: Marine Corps. I started with FORECON and became a Scout/Sniper.

What made you want to join the HRT?

Evers: It was the most challenging job the FBI had to offer. After I got out of the Army I was craving more action and the HRT seemed like a good fit for me.

Tuck: What he said, plus we spend a lot of time stateside, which I like. After being deployed so many times overseas, it’s been a nice change of pace. We do still go overseas for various things, but it’s always short-term. Continue reading

Character Interview & Giveaway: CHRISTMAS WISH by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

** Winner Update – Congratulations to Laura for winning a copy of Christmas Wish! **

I am excited today! Stephan and Jessica Connellan from Christmas Wish by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey are here today for an interview. I absolutely love this couple that we first watched travel a rocky road in To Russia With Love and now we get to peek in on them in their novella Christmas Wish. The authors are also giving away a digital copy of Christmas Wish to one lucky winner this week!

To learn more about Christmas Wish and to read a couple of reviews we posted earlier on the blog today, click here.

* * * * *

Character Interview

Amy/So Many Reads (SMR): Welcome to the blog, Stephan and Jessica! Thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

Jessica (J): Thank you for having us, Amy. *Jessica kisses Amy’s cheek before joining Stephan on the couch.*

SMR: If you don’t mind, I would like to start out with a few basic questions so I can introduce you to the readers.

Stephan (S): *He drapes his arm across Jessica’s shoulders and tucks her against his side.* It would be our pleasure. We are ready when you are.

Christmas WishSMR: How did you meet?

J: Stephan caught my eye for the first time at Cassie and Trevor’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

S: I’d call it the wheels of fate. Trevor and Cassandra had to meet, get into all that trouble in France, fall for each other and get married for Jessica and me to meet.

SMR: Jessica, what drew you to Stephan?

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Character Interview & Contest: OPERATION SHEBA by Misty Evans

We are celebrating today because Operation Sheba by Misty Evans is being re-released into the world with additional content and a brand spanking new cover. I am so excited today because I had the pleasure of interviewing Conrad and Julia, the main characters in one of my all-time favorite books.

If you like romantic suspense or are considering reading it for the first time, this would be an excellent book for you to try. My original review of Operation Sheba can be found hereMisty is running a Break The Spy Code contest on her website – see details below on how to play!

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About the Book:

Title: Operation Sheba (Super Agents, #1)
AuthorMisty Evans
Release Date: May 14, 2014 
Category: Romantic Suspense
Buy Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble
Book Summary:
Julia Torrison—codename Sheba—is keeping secrets.

Seventeen months ago she was one of the CIA’s super agents, facing down dangerous terrorists with her partner and lover Conrad Flynn. After a mission was blown and Conrad died, Julia was yanked back to Langley and given a new identity. She is now the Counterterrorism Center’s top analyst, spending her days at CIA headquarters and her nights in her boss’s bed. Her former life as a secret agent has been sealed off with her heart.

Former SEAL Conrad Flynn—codename Solomon—has his own secrets.

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Character Interview & Giveaway: Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce Series by Misty Evans

Update: Congratulations to Joann & Jeanie – the winners of Deadly Pursuit!

Happy Release Day to Misty Evans for Deadly Deception, the second book in her Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce Series.. Misty, you couldn’t have come up with a shorter name for this series?  Just kidding. I have a treat for you guys! Thomas and Ronni from Deadly Deception are here today for an interview and Misty is giving away two copies of Deadly Pursuit, the first book in the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce Series.

* * * * *

Amy: Thanks for joining me today, Thomas & Ronni! To get started with this interview, can you tell the readers a little about yourselves? Actually, to make it fun, Ronni, can you tell us about Thomas, and Thomas, can you tell us about Ronni?

Ronni: Thomas is like a heat-seeking missile—very intense. He’s also an alpha male, but he has a great sense of humor and he’s completely unselfish and wants to keep me safe. Sometimes, he’s too protective. I know how to take care of myself, and he tries to give me space, but that alpha male is hard to suppress when I’m in danger.

28Thomas: Ronni strives to be a hardass, and she’s in a male-dominated field, so I get the reason why. It’s not easy working with us “alpha males” all day long. But in reality, she’s actually a big marshmallow on the inside. And I’ll tell you a secret, I was never fooled by her badass act, even back when I first met her.

Ronni <narrowing her eyes>: My act? You think this is an act?

Thomas: See? <winks at Amy> Hardass.

Amy: Did you ever think you would be working with each other? Thomas, a DEA agent and Ronni an FBI agent?

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Exclusive Interview with Trevor & Cassandra from the COUNTERMEASURE Series by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

You all are in for an amazing treat today. I asked Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey if I could interview Trevor and Cassandra from their Countermeasure Series. And, well, not only did they say yes, but Trevor and Cassandra made the trip to my house for it. Hope you enjoy their visit as much as I did!

* * * * *

The flight from New York to Chicago had been smooth considering the inclement winter weather ravaging the US East Coast. Massive snowflakes zoomed onto the windshield creating a warp speed feeling as they drove the rental SUV down I-57 S toward their final destination. Trevor thumped his thumbs on the wheel to the tunes of their favorite playlist while Cassandra read one of her novels. Trevor glanced at Cassandra and her relaxed expression put him at ease once again. It felt good to travel for pleasure instead of the crazy jobs they had thrown their way.

CountermeasureAlmost three hours later, they drove through the small town in Central Illinois. The sun peeked through the clouds and sunshine glistened over the thick layer of snow that blanketed the surrounding fields. Everything looked white and pristine as they turned into what appeared to be a fairly new subdivision. A minute later, Trevor stopped in front of a lovely bungalow style house. The driveway and path to the front porch had been carefully shoveled; a sign the residents had been home although no vehicle stood on the driveway.

Trevor scanned the house for movement and seeing none turned to Cassandra who had her e-reader open and eyes glued to the screen. “Are you sure we have the right address?”

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Character Interview & Giveaway: SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES by Jamie Farrell

Update – Congrats to both “bn100” and “Brina” for winning copies of Jamie’s book! Thanks for participating!

If you read my review of Southern Fried Blues by Jamie Farrell, you know I enjoyed it very much. I loved the characters so much I invited them to the blog for an interview today!  To celebrate Southern Fried Blues, author Jamie Farrell is going to give away a digital copy to one lucky commenter!  See below for details on how you can enter.

Interview with Jackson and Anna from Southern Fried Blues

Amy (from So Many Reads): Welcome to the blog, Jackson & Anna. I really appreciate you taking the time to join me today.

Jackson: Aw, shucks, ma’am, it’s our pleasure.

Anna: Oh, no, you’re not starting that redneck thing already, are you? We haven’t even started the interview.

Jackson (flashes her a goofy, innocent grin): No, ma’am. Just mindin’ my manners.

Anna: Okay, then. (she turns to Amy): Thank you for having us.

sfbAmy: To start off, can you tell the readers how you met?

Anna: Now that’s a funny story.

Jackson: Yes, ma’am, it sure is. All started when I was driving through this parking lot, minding my own business, when this crazy Yankee lady up and stopped her car in the middle of the aisle and jumped out, all hollerin’ and shrieking and dancing like—

Anna: Oh, stop. (she gives Jackson a playful poke) What he’s trying to say is that he tried to save me from a fire ant infestation in my car.

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