Review: THE REVERSE OF PERFECTION by Christi Barth

The second book in the Bad Decisions Series, The Reverse of Perfection by Christi Barth is a wonderfully entertaining novella that packs a lot into such a short book. Two people are teetering on the edge of failure in their professional lives, but are also finding love in the process. We read about jealousy, passion, betrayal and a host of other emotions in The Reverse of Perfection.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00011]I enjoyed watching the dynamics between Dylan and Ariel and being taken behind the scenes with more rock stars! While sometimes things seemed to move quickly, I had to remind myself that this is a novella, so the build up in a relationship is much quicker than that of a full length novel.

Barth did an excellent job giving the two of these characters depth and the plot overall was interesting to me. It’s not one I have read about before. The chemistry between the two was tangible, as was their passion,  which lead to some hot scenes. What I adored the most about these two was the respect for one another which was so palpable you couldn’t help but root for Dylan and Ariel for a happy ever after!

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Review: THE OPPOSITE OF RIGHT by Christi Barth

What a fun read! The Opposite of Right by Christi Barth is the first book in her Bad Decisions Series and it was a great start. Kylie is sick of having her life planned out for her and always doing the right thing so she decides to make bad decisions to see what happens. She starts out by kissing a stranger who just happens to be famous rock god Cam Watson.

26248070From that spontaneous backstage kiss at a rock concert, things really take a turn for Kylie. She finds herself a new job, a hottie to spend some naughty times with and she figures out what she wants to do with her life. Along the way she just so happens to find love.

When I first started reading The Opposite of Right, Kylie was a little awkward to me and I couldn’t get a feel for her. About 1/4 of the way into it, though, I found myself really engaged in her story. Kylie is smart, witty, fun, unique and I found myself pulling for her.

Then there is Cam. Holy smokes. He is a hot, good boy rocker. He is awesomely genuine, sweet, responsible and sometimes can make bad decisions, unintentionally, which shows his vulnerable side. I fell in love with him from the beginning and I would give just about anything to hear him sing.

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Review: A MATCHLESS ROMANCE by Christi Barth

Why? Why have I waited this long to read a book in the Aisle Bound Series by Christi Barth? I love sexy, sassy contemporary romance books and A Matchless Romance is the definition of that. Sassy heroine, a geeky hero and a happy ever after (several in fact). A Matchless Romance is the fourth book in the Aisle Bound Series, but the first one I have read. It can easily be read as a standalone, but I so badly want to go back and read all the other books now to get to know the other characters. I love it when a book in a series does that!

In this story Tabitha is running a matchmaking business and Drew is a video game designer looking for some help interacting with women, since he royally offended his female boss and needs to be able to nail some upcoming marketing interviews. From their first encounter, Tabitha and Drew hit it off. Their friendly demeanor and chemistry was so fun to watch. Christi brings such humor to both of these characters in very different ways. Drew takes everything very literal and Tabitha gets such a kick out of it.

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Review: ROMANCING THE HOLIDAY by HelenKay Dimon, Christi Barth and Jaci Burton

I am really enjoying Christmas novellas this year. There is just something magical about two people falling in love during the Christmas season. Books like this make me appreciate my husband more, too, which is always nice when one is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! I received this copy via NetGalley and enjoyed each of the stories.

16006209We’ll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon

This is the third book in the Holloway series by HelenKay Dimon and I adored it. I read the first two books in the Holloway series recently and was excited to get to read Spencer’s story since he is the wild womanizer of the bunch. Always fun to see how a woman tames that.  Spencer and Lila met up at a hotel for a 3-night stand months ago.  They both were in a bad situation and a little down on their luck.  They never thought they would see each other again but the memory of those days they shared with each other continued to haunt them.  Continue reading