Review: BUTTERFLY COVE by Christina Skye

In Butterfly Cove by Christina Skye, Olivia Sullivan has just been fired from her architecture job in Seattle. Her life in disarray, Olivia returns home to Summer Island and to her friends who are like sisters to her. An errand to the local hardware store literally has her running into Deputy Sheriff Rafe Russo,  when they end up in a car wreck. Rafe, a Marine who served in Afghanistan,  is struggling on his new role. As a child, he was the bad boy of Summer Island, always in trouble and never expected to succeed in life. Olivia knows a different side of Rafe though. The side that she feel in love with in high school. Rafe doesn’t think he is good enough for Olivia. Can Olivia make him see the truth and find happiness?

17622934I  am really sad to be done with this series. All of the books were so well written. You know it’s a sign of a good series when you frantically search the Internet hoping the author decided to write just one more book.

The friendship between the four women is beautifully written. They all have separate lives but anytime one of them is in need,  they pull together to help out. They even give each other much needed kicks in the butt when things get stagnant.

The overall story line in this book is the classic bad boy from the wrong side of the town falling in love with the perfect good girl. Skye keeps the theme fresh with her own take on it. I loved how Rafe fought his attraction to Olivia and how she went after him, not caring what the busy bodies in town were saying.

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Review: A HOME BY THE SEA by Christina Skye

In A Home By The Sea by Christina Skye, Grace Lindstrom, a food historian, isn’t looking for love. She lost her fiance in a plane crash and afterwards found out that he cheated on her numerous times, even fathering a child. Leaving a party one night during a horrible snow storm, Grace hears some abandoned kittens crying in an alley. Unable to just walk away, Grace and handsome stranger Noah McKay rescue the momma and babies. Noah works as a bomb technician for a top secret government group. His job doesn’t leave him time for a relationship, especially when he is on call virtually all the time, but there’s something about Grace that he can’t just walk away from. When Grace moves back to Oregon to care for a sick relative, will their fledgling relationship survive the distance?

11444136One of the things I most enjoyed about this book was the slow build up between Grace and Noah. Nothing beats a good anticipated love scene and Skye certainly delivers in this book. Skye hints that Noah had been a bit of a player prior to Grace but he is nothing but a gentleman towards her, even courting her from across the country.

The other part of this book that I loved is that Grace is a knitter. She actually takes Noah to a yarn shop at one point. When Noah mentions his mom used to knit, Grace helps him pick out some yarn as a gift. There is a whole wonderful discussion about how knitting is therapeutic. Noah is also a smart guy because while in the yarn shop he pays attention to what yarn Grace is in love with and mails it to her when she moves to Oregon (if a guy sends a knitter cashmere yarn, he’s definitely a keeper!).

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Review: THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE by Christina Skye

In The Accidental Bride by Christina Skye, Jilly O’Hara is just on the cusp of success. Her restaurant is packed just about every night and her line of organic salsa is starting to take off. One busy night though, Jilly collapses in her kitchen and is diagnosed with heart problems. Her doctors orders are clear: No stress! For someone who is constantly on the go and feeds off of stress, Jilly is at a loss. Her best girlfriends decide to send Jilly on a vacation to a knitting retreat in Wyoming  (Jilly doesn’t know about the knitting part). At the airport she meets the reclusive and sexy Walker Hale and his service dog, Winslow. Walker pretty much keeps to himself after returning home from Afghanistan but there is something about Jilly that is bringing him back to life. Will they find love or are their lifestyles too different?

13548167I  thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Besides being a romance, it talks about my other favorite hobby: knitting! Reading about Jilly learning the stitches and how to hold the needles brought back fond memories of when I learned the craft. Skye does a great job of capturing the friendliness of knitters as well. If we see another knitter, we can talk for hours about our passion. Knitters are always ready to help out those learning as well.

I have to say that Winslow stole the book. His love at first sight with Jilly was so sweet and his devotion to Walker even more sweet. Then to top it off that he is a hero having saved the lives of an entire platoon.

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