Review: SAMURAI GAME by Christine Feehan

In Samurai Game by Christine Feehan, Azami “Thorn” Yoshiie is seeking revenge on Dr. Peter Whitney. Whitney, who created the Ghost Walkers, experimented on her as a child and then literally threw her away when she was no longer useful to him. Adopted and saved by Mamoru Yoshiie, Azami was taught the ways of being a samurai. Now a bodyguard for her brother, Azami learns that Lily Whitney, Peter’s daughter wants to purchase a secret satellite that Azami’s brother developed.  Azami believes that Lily is no different than her father and insists that her brother meets with Lily before selling her the satellite.

12823428Sam “Knight” Johnson, a Ghost Walker, is suspicious of Azami from the moment they meet. When their group is ambushed inside the Ghost Walker compound, Sam discovers that Azami is just like him. As the two begin a dangerous mission that could cost Sam his life, they realize their love for each other.  Can Azami and the Ghost Walkers protect Sam? Will the Ghost Walkers finally capture Peter Whitney?

Talk about a heartbreaking story! Azami’s retelling of her abuse at the hands of Whitney left me teary eyed. Her story only further cemented my hatred for this vile character.

I loved the relationship between Sam and Azami.  Azami was convinced that no man would ever want her. Sam gradually wears her down, proving to her that a happily ever after does exist for her. Every time Azami tried to run from him, Sam patiently explained why they should be together.

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