Review: WORTH THE FALL by Claudia Connor

Let me just say “WOW”. Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor was really great and I enjoyed everything about it. This is Connor’s first book in the McKinney Brothers series. While reading Matt and Abby’s story, I really thought this was the second or third book in the series as Matt has a large family and a few of his brothers are already married. Regardless, it reads well as a stand alone and it is easy to keep up with not only all the members of Matt’s family but also all of Abby’s kids.

Yes, you heard me right. This story is about a sexy SEAL who falls for a beautiful mother of four, and yep, she is pregnant with her fifth. Her husband, who sounds like a total loser, died six months prior.

Abby was an amazing heroine. She had been through so much in her life but it is not that over the top craziness that occurs in some books. Abby does understand loss and heartache and she is determined to not let anyone leave her again. Her kids are absolutely amazing. I loved Gracie and Jack. On top of them, she does have an awesome best friend, Angie.

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