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Review: TAKE ME BACK by Rosalind James

In Take Me Back by Rosalind James, Hallie Cavanaugh swore she would never go back to Paradise, Idaho, where she grew up. When her father, and abusive and all around vile man, passes away under questionable circumstances, Hallie is guilted into returning for the funeral and reading of the will. The will divides the estate …

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Review: UNEXPECTEDLY HERS by Jamie Beck

In Unexpectedly Hers by Jamie Beck, Emma Duffy enjoys leading a quiet life by day managing her family’s inn and at night writing erotic romance that no one knows she pens. When her mom goes off on a road trip and leaves Emma to handle the month long booking of a professional snow border and …

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In Montana Mornings by Kim Law, Gabe Wilde is all about change at this point in his life. In the middle of a divorce, Gabe moves himself and his young daughter, Jenna back home to Bitch Bay, Montana, where he begins his new career as a high school science teacher. Erica Bird is also in …

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Review: THE FIXER by HelenKay Dimon

Mysterious. Sexy. Powerful. Emotional. So many words describe The Fixer by HelenKay Dimon. This contemporary romance with suspense elements focuses mainly on the characters with little procedural details of the cold case investigation. The book has a more serious tone to it with intense plot lines. Get ready for your heart to be tied up in …

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Review: HER REBEL HEART by Jamie Farrell

If you are looking for an explosive, fun, contemporary romance story a little bit redneck and a lot military hot, give Her Rebel Heart by Jamie Farrell a read. Who would have thought a hillbilly physics professor who is a star in her field and an ace Air Force pilot would be so entertaining to …

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