Review: BEYOND: TWO SUNS by Maureen A. Miller

Typically I am not a science fiction reader. It is not something that really interests me all that much, however, as I continue to learn, it is all about the story. I love Maureen A. Miller’s romantic suspense books and her writing in general so I thought I would give her Beyond series a shot. I loved Beyond. It was so fascinating to me how she could come up with such a world in outer space and the ending to the story left me ready for more.

In Beyond: Two Suns, we find Aimee and Zak wanting nothing more than to get back to one another. Fives years has gone by and a lot has happened. When Aimee boards the Horus ship again anticipating quite the reunion with Zak, the love of her life, she is in for a surprise. He isn’t there.  It is now her mission to rescue him from his home planet.  No one thought she could do it. She is a girl after all and other Warriors had already tried and failed.  Well, when a woman is in love, not much stops her!

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Review: BEYOND by Maureen A. Miller

Young Adult books are not my favorite romance genre, but I love Maureen A. Miller’s books so I had to try this one. I love Maureen’s imagination in this book. Many times while I was reading it I found myself smiling and wondering how she came up with everything in the book. Of course, as true to Maureen’s writing she can describe a setting like no one else. I always had a clear idea of where the characters were and their surroundings. The story moved along easily and I never really felt lost. The characters were well developed and I felt the same emotions that Aimee felt when she interacted with other characters or when she got herself into a little trouble.

BeyondThe relationship between Zak and Aimee was believable and was true to their characters throughout. I get excited about young love and that is what we saw with these two. They were two lost souls from two different worlds that found each other in space of all places. The book takes you back to what it felt like to be the odd man out in high school (or anytime really) and not know where you fit. Zak and Aimee found that they fit with each other.

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