Review: FIRST TASTE OF DARKNESS by Cynthia Eden

I am slowly working my way through the Wicked Firsts anthology and one of the stories I read recently was First Taste of Darkness by Cynthia Eden. Oh how I miss romantic suspense. I have been reading a lot of contemporary and paranormal romance lately, which I also like, but reading this one has reminded me how much I miss the romantic suspense genre.

18616548Jess Delaney is in Vegas on her honeymoon, although she is not married. It is the trip she and her fiance originally booked before she found him cheating, so now she is here on her own to get away. Boy is she in for a surprise. She finds fancy in Blake Landon’s eyes, the very rich and powerful hotel owner in Vegas. She is sick of her safe life back home so she wants to do something a little dangerous, like Blake. She can see the bad boy in his eyes.

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Review & Giveaway: A VAMPIRE’S CHRISTMAS CAROL by Cynthia Eden

My favorite Christmas novella so far this year! A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden is a take off of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with the main character, Ben, being forced to view his past, present and future from none other than a demon, an angel and a shifter. How cool is that?

vccCynthia Eden knows how to write paranormal characters with such human emotions. Ben is a vampire that has gone to the dark side since he was changed. He lost the love of his life, Simone, and feels that life is not worth living any longer. You ache for him while reading this and how completely lost he is. However, Simone wants Ben to have another chance to change, so she negotiates for a little angel magic in order to help him see the error of his ways. It is a brilliant plan and I was amazed at how well it all fit together and how complete the story turned out to be in such a short time frame.

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Review: SHARPSHOOTER by Cynthia Eden

Talk about getting your adrenaline pumping! Whenever I read a Cynthia Eden book it seems my body is tired afterwards. She has a way of getting the blood moving and feel as though you are living out what the characters are going through. In Sharpshooter, the action starts at page one and doesn’t stop until the end. Sharpshooter is the third book in Cynthia’s Shadow Agents series and follows Gunner and Sydney.  If you haven’t read the first two (Alpha One and Guardian Ranger), it’s okay – you can follow along just fine.

The story starts with Gunner and Sydney in the middle of a mission gone bad in Peru which changes their lives forever. Two years later, Gunner and Sydney are still part of the Elite Ops Division (EOD) and their attraction to one another is growing and is way past time for them to make their move. However, just when things are heating up between them, they are called back to Peru for another rescue mission. Their lives are changed again and from here, the story is quite a roller coaster ride between the mystery and action and romantic scenes. In true Cynthia Eden fashion, you are kept guessing on who you can really trust.

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Review: AVENGING ANGEL by Cynthia Eden

The Fallen Series is one of my absolute favorite paranormal romance series out there. Book Four in this series came out in May and is just as fantastic as the other three. Angels, shifters, vampires and demons. You get them all in Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden.

They are dark, edgy, mouthy, passionate and are ready to die to save those they love. Something different about this book in the series is that the angel, Marna, is not Fallen at first. Her wings were cut off so she doesn’t have a choice about living on Earth. She is also being framed for murder by someone and she finds that Tanner Chance, a panther shifter/cop is the only one she trusts. Avenging Angel pulls you in from the beginning and doesn’t let up until the last page. It is an exhausting book in all the good ways. One scene near the end actually brought me to tears because of the emotion.

The characters of Tanner and Marna, along with Cody, Riley, and others are very well written. They each have their own personal story and issues to overcome which makes the overall story that much more interesting. I, being a lover of all things Sammael from Angel Betrayed, was so happy that he made a few appearances and had me laughing or rolling my eyes at him. I am not so sure about Bastion yet, but I wasn’t sure about Sam or Az either in previous books so we’ll see what he is like in the future.  I really hope that there is a story about Cody, Tanner’s brother. He is such a great character.

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Review: DIE FOR ME by Cynthia Eden

Holy cow was this a good book! I mean, really, really good. I actually went into my house one night a little spooked and had my dog go with me through the rooms just to make sure no visitors were in the house waiting for me. I reviewed this book over at Fresh Fiction, so go check it out!