Review: ANGEL IN CHAINS by Cynthia Eden

I am a big fan of Cynthia Eden’s Fallen Angels. The idea of a Fallen Angel is so intriguing to me. What would cause an angel to fall? These books are like nothing else I have read. As with all of Cynthia’s books, you are in for a wild ride – the action doesn’t stop! While Sam is my favorite angel so far from Angel Betrayed (Book 2, and you can read my review on Sam’s story here), I was curious about Azrael even in Book 1 (Angel of Darkness). I do recommend you read these books in order, as they will make more sense.

Look for the next book, Avenging Angel coming out May 2013!

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Review: ALPHA ONE by Cynthia Eden

Happy Release Day to Cynthia Eden for Alpha One! She is having a Twitter Party tonight (January 2) so check out all the details here and sign up for several giveaways/prizes ahead of time!

This is my first romantic suspense book by Cynthia, as most of the books I have read of hers have been in the paranormal romance category. After reading this, I think her suspense books can be termed more thriller than suspense. She always gets my heart pounding with her stories and this one involves a crazy weapons dealer. Luckily there is a Happy Ever After…

  • TitleAlpha One (Shadow Agents, #1)
  • AuthorCynthia Eden
  • PublisherHarlequin Intrigue
  • Release Date: January 2, 2013
  • Category: Romantic Suspe
  • Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

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Review: THE WOLF WITHIN by Cynthia Eden

I am in love with Cynthia Eden‘s paranormal romance books. She writes some awesome stories about shifters, vampires and angels. Her stories truly take you out of reality and entertain you from start to finish. Your heart rate will probably increase while reading her books because she includes a lot of action and suspense.

TWWI love books that make you feel the emotions that are playing out in the story. I enjoy how she writes romance between her characters and that they don’t always do what you think they will.  She likes to write characters that you think you can trust and turns them evil or take characters that you aren’t real sure of and make them into heroes.  In this story Duncan is an FBI agent who is part of a secret Para Unit that hunts down lawbreaking paranormals who are out killing humans. While hunting down a werewolf, he is bitten and turns into a werewolf himself. Continue reading