Review: TRUTH ABOUT LOVE & MURDER by Edie Ramer

In Truth About Love & Murder by Edie Ramer we get one heck of a story. I was a little nervous to read it at first since there is a storyline with a character fighting cancer. However, the way it was written was fantastic. We read about Julie, who is dying of cancer and her best friend, Meg, who is guardian of Julie’s son Ollie and then we have Julie’s brother, Easy, who is co-guardian of Ollie. Bring all those people together, add in homeless veterans that are being killed off and you get love and murder.

25942398Ramer has such a unique voice in her stories. Meg’s personality caught me off guard at first but I grew to like her boldness and how she didn’t hold back. It was a bit refreshing to see that type of strength in a heroine. As for Easy, he was a lot more vulnerable for a hero than I am used to as well, which was also quite interesting to read about. Ollie added such a fun aspect to the book. His innocence to what is going on around him helped lighten the mood in several scenes. Julie was amazing. She was fighting for her life and yet she was so focused on her brother, friend and son. She was an inspiration.

Each of the characters including one homeless vet named Jeff had their on internal struggle that fit into the plot line seamlessly. I was very impressed how Ramer was able to connect all of these story lines, maintain the pacing and engage you into character’s life. If you enjoy a good mystery, heartwarming friendship and refreshing romance that doesn’t follow the rules, I recommend you give Truth About Love & Murder a try.

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Truth About Love & Murder (Love & Murder, #1)

Author: Edie Ramer

Release Date: July 20, 2015

Category: Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

The truth is that life is uncertain.

Meg Quinn hasn’t been to war, but her father has, and it changed their lives for the worse — and for the better. Now she has a sharp tongue and a mind to match … and she doesn’t trust easily. The best person she knows is losing a fight with death, and Meg is guardian of her friend’s seven-year-old son.

Easy MacLean, the co-guardian, is Meg’s dying friend’s brother. The former Marine has been hibernating in his Colorado mountain home, and Meg lets him know that he needs to be by his sister’s side in Milwaukee now.

Easy is attracted to his sister’s clever friend, but life gets complicated when he gets involved in a search for a missing veteran. After living alone with his rescue dog for so long, Easy and his dog are now sharing a home with a beautiful woman, a boy, and a cat. Even as he watches his sister die a little each day, he’s finding out the truth about life and love … and murder.



It is time to start reading Christmas books!  Have you seen them coming out lately?

Edie Ramer’s books get better and better.  Her books have always been good, but it seems that I enjoy each one a little more than the last one. Her latest book, Christmas at Angel Lake is an entertaining contemporary romance book and is the perfect Christmas story. You have down on their luck characters who need a little help from others and you get to see the good side of people. It comes with a heartwarming happy ever after, too!

Logan and Maddie are characters that seem very real. The snarky way the two of them interact is quite entertaining and emotional because you can see through their defenses. They are both hurting from a betrayal. Logan comes home to seek solace only to find a squatter. Maddie and her son have been living in Logan’s house without permission for years. Maddie is prepared to leave but for some reason, grumpy Logan wants her to stay in exchange for Maddie telling him a story every night. Oh my gosh, the stories are a hoot. I wish Maddie told me stories with her attitude. They are usually based on real situations but told in a fairy tale sort of way that is quite captivating.

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Review & Giveaway: HEARTS IN MOTION by Edie Ramer

Hearts in Motion by Edie Ramer is such a sweet, fun read.  If you like a light / clean romance (but not light on emotion) you should check this one out!  Edie is giving away a copy to one lucky commenter!

What a fun, sweet, romance. The cover of this book is very fitting for the story of Hearts in Motion. I have read several book by Edie and each one I read gets better!  In Hearts in Motion we are introduced to Abby and Holden. Two people I would never put together (you will see in the beginning of the story) but turned out so perfect for one another.  Holden is a very serious, businessman and Abby is a very lively woman who says what is on her mind (which is awesome). I love a story with kids and animals in it and this one had both! They bring such a different feel to the story.

Edie always writes such emotion into her books. I love that I really feel what the characters are feeling as though I am there with them. Her characters are well developed and the plot is always interesting and engaging. Not only did we get to read from Holden and Abby’s point of view, but also from Abby’s pets. If you are looking for a sweet romance that pulls at your heartstrings and gives you a wonderful happy ever after, I highly recommend Hearts in Motion!

* * * * *

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Review: MO’S HEART by Edie Ramer

This is my favorite book by Edie Ramer so far. I think it is because all the love it has in it. Romantic love. Family love. Friend love. Even small town love. It is only 99 cents right now (through April 25), so go get your copy today!

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Review: MIRACLE PIE by Edie Ramer!

We all look for miracles, don’t we? There are some that are obvious to me like the birth of a baby. Others happen all the time but we don’t notice them or take them for granted.  I am really enjoying Edie Ramer’s Miracle Interrupted series because miracles are happening all the time in the small town of Miracle. They don’t always happen in the way we expect, either. Miracle Pie is the 4th book in the Miracle Interrupted series.

Right now Stardust Miracle (Book 2 in the Miracle Interrupted Series) is FREE on Amazon


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