Review: NOBODY’S LOST by Kallypso Masters

In Nobody’s Lost by Kallypso Masters, Megan Gallagher, half-sister to Adam Montague, finds herself the victim of a robbery. When she tells Adam about it, Adam calls Ryder Wilson, one of his Marines to check on Megan. Ryder is struggling with PTSD and has retreated from society, preferring to live in isolation. When Adam calls though, Ryder is unable to tell his former sergeant no, so he heads out for Megan’s place. Both are immediately attracted to each other but with Ryder struggling with PTSD, can they find love?

nl-ebook-amazonLike some fans, I was disappointed to hear that this would be the next book in the series instead of Luke and Cassie. One thing I have learned from following authors on Facebook, is that sometimes characters won’t shut up and demand to have their story told.  Obviously it was time for Megan and Ryder to have their story told.

One of the things I love about this series is how Masters writes about her warriors. None of them are the perfect knight in shining armor coming to rescue the damsel in distress. Many of them have returned from war physically and emotionally scarred.

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Review: BURN ME by Éirinn Brennan

I finished reading Burn Me by Éirinn Brennan and let me tell you, it was hot. This first book in the Illicit Allure series features four friends that jet off to Bora Bora for Emma Clark’s bachelorette party. This is unlike any other bachelorette party I have experienced. The premise of the book had me a little concerned because I am really not a fan of cheating or one night stands. Brennan managed to calm my nerves in the way the story was told and allow me to enjoy the whirlwind romance Emma shared with Calvin…or Callum…or Cal. Whatever you want to call him. 😉

25398183As with all novellas, the story had a quicker buildup than a traditional novel and startled me at first. I quickly realized it was indeed a novella and was able to just enjoy the fun story for what it was.

Emma was a nervous soon-to-be bride while her friends all encouraged her to enjoy this last getaway before the big day, reminding her that her marriage was not one of true love. Emma, being the skeptic about true love anyway, decides to go for it when she sees the hottie in the water. Cal, working undercover as a windsurfing instructor at the resort he just purchased, meets Emma and doesn’t need to think twice about the proposition of an evening with her. After all, he was checking her out just as much as she was him earlier that afternoon. What he assumed was going to be a fling suddenly turns into more than he expected.

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Review: DANE by Liliana Hart

Dane by Liliana Hart was my first introduction to this author. After reading this short story, I plan to put the other books I own by Hart at the top of my TBR list. Dane is a hot, sexy, short story and the first book in her MacKenzie Family series.

18105339Dane returns home after ten years away learning that things are quite different. Not expecting to find his first love in town since his brothers all said she moved away months after he left, his first night in town is quite amazing. Dane is the last person Charlotte expects to find in her shop but doesn’t waste any time making up for all the years she lost with him. Seeing him is bitter sweet. He is the only one she has ever loved.

The story is very quick and there isn’t a lot of time for buildup or getting to really know the characters, however, I felt it was an enjoyable read none the less. Normally I would like more to the story and characters, but this free story was enough to whet my appetite for Hart’s writing. Her writing is very easy to follow and I found myself flipping through the pages.

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Joint Review: ROAMING PLEASURE by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Candy and I (Amy) have a joint review for you since we both read Roaming Pleasure by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey! This short story was actually part of the exclusive content that Almeida and Aubrey offered in a couple of past newsletters. If you are interested in reading their stories before they are published you can become a member of the C&C Wavemakers, an ARC reader group who receives advanced copies of their books in exchange for honest reviews. This invitation is only open to newsletter recipients, so subscribe now! The next book comes out in a couple of months.

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Review by Candy


Roaming PleasureIn Roaming Pleasure, Cassie Bauer is traveling on business to consult on a case at the CIA, leaving Trevor at home to hold down the fort. The first day Cassie is gone, Trevor immerses himself on a case for the NSA but once that is done, he suddenly misses his wife even more acutely. Everything in their home reminds him of her. He can’t look out the window without thinking of her. He can’t go to their favorite pub without missing her companionship. Trevor is just miserable. A late night commercial on TV gives him an idea and Cassie finds herself on the receiving end of some steamy international texts.

It’s no secret that I am a stalker, I mean, huge fan of these authors. Almeida and Aubrey are one of the best authors out there in romantic suspense  Their passion for their craft flows through every word they write, leaving readers demanding more.

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Review & Giveaway: CALL ON ME by Roni Loren

In Call On Me by Roni Loren, Oakley Easton is doing what a lot of single mom’s do: she has 2 jobs. By day she works for a charity but by night she is a phone sex operator. Oakley loathes her night job but her daughter is autistic and is enrolled in a private school that has helped her out so much. When the charity she works for decides to put on a benefit concert,.the director enlists the help of her friend Pike Ryland,  drummer for the hard rock band, Darkfall. Oakley ends up being put in charge of the project and having to work closely with Pike. Despite telling herself that Pike isn’t the kind of man she wants, .the two start a hot affair. When Pike wants more and wants a commitment from Oakley, will she push him away or give Pike the family he’s always wanted?

CallOnMe4Call On Me is the eighth book in the Loving on the Edge series. However,  this can definitely be read as a stand alone. It takes a few moments to work out who is who among Pike’s friends but it doesn’t detract from the story at all. And oh my goodness!  What a story it is! I started this book two nights ago and simply couldn’t put it down. I simply had to know what happened next in the story.

Pike and Oakley are such well written characters with so much depth. Loren could have totally gone the cliché Rockstar route with Pike but instead she made him down to Earth book boyfriend material.  It’s hard not to love a guy who not only loves his dog but treats an autistic child as he would any other child.  And when he calls Oakley “mama” you can hear him saying it in a sexy southern drawl.

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