Review & Giveaway: MEAN STREAK by Sandra Brown

In Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, Dr. Emory Charbonneau is a well known pediatrician, marathon runner, and philanthropist.  Her current cause combines the latter two and in preparation for running the marathon, Emory decides to train by running part of the Appalachian Trail in rural North Carolina.  Things don’t exactly go as planned and Emory wakes up in a strange man’s cabin with a concussion and no recollection of how she got there  Worse still, is the stranger her savoir or someone bent on causing her harm?

This was my first time reading a novel by Brown.  I knew of her and had seen her books at the library and book store.  Apparently I have been missing out on a good author! My to be read list just grew by a lot!!!

I can’t review this book without mentioning how much I hated Emory’s husband, Jeff. The character personified slimy and self centered for me. Every time he made an appearance, my teeth would be set on edge.  I still don’t know why someone like Emory would marry someone like him.

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Review: ONCE IN A LIFETIME by Jill Shalvis

Lucky Harbor book #9. You would think after eight books in a contemporary series all set in the same town that things would get a little repetitive, right? Not so. Once In A Lifetime by Jill Shalvis does have the same great writing as previous books in the series, but the hero and heroine are different. Their struggles are different. The way they respond to one another are different. Even their passion is different. But it is all just as good as you would expect from the Lucky Harbor residents. And something that was the same as with all the other books in the series? I could not put it down.

oialtThe heroine, Aubrey is a mean girl all grown up and now wants to make amends with people she has wronged. The town still sees her as a troublemaker. The hero, Ben, is quiet and reserved. Everyone assumes he is still grieving the loss of his wife five years prior. The town loves him. Fate has put Ben and Aubrey together almost daily. These are two people least likely to get together, but, well, you can’t help who you fall in love with now, can you?

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Review: Before We Fall (Beautifully Broken, #3) by Courtney Cole

This series just keeps getting better. Before We Fall is the third book in Courtney Cole’s Beautifully Broken series and it is high praise when I say I feel this one was the best as I so enjoyed the other books. This book deals with Jacey, the sister to Gabe and good friend of Madison from the second book. Jacey meets Dominick, the Hollywood hearthrob that few know anything about since he keeps himself hidden away from others as best he can due to something devastating in his past.

BWFI thought Cole did a great job in her last book describing the event which breaks our hero. She does just as good a job in this book. Often times when reading we get to the point in the book where we learn what the horrible secret is, and I find myself wondering, “really, is that all that happened?” Well not in this series, Cole shocks me everytime and I find myself breaking with the character. Along the same lines, I have always felt that Cole knows how to write chemistry between her Hero and Heroine. She knocks it out of the park on this one. Let me just say, our Hero’s name fits him well.

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Review: ALWAYS ON MY MIND by Jill Shalvis

I never tire of the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis. Really. Enough time passes between each one that when I pick up the latest one to read I can sigh, settle in and just enjoy the laughter and emotions that I will be experiencing throughout the book. Always On My Mind by Jill Shalvis is just as entertaining as the others. When you go back to Lucky Harbor your favorite characters (ahem, Sheriff Sawyer Thompson) always seem to pop in at some time or another so you feel like you are going back home (sort of like Leah).

Always On My Mind is the story of Leah, the pastry chef, and Jack the firefighter. They grew up together and have always been best friends. When Leah lies to Jack’s mom and says they are dating to make her happy, things get a little crazy. After all, everyone but Jack and Leah realize they aren’t really pretending. Jack and Leah are relatively serious people so the typical banter that we see in Jill’s books comes from the secondary characters trying to knock some sense into the two of them more than between the hero and heroine. They speak another language. Several times without any words at all. In addition to the wonderfully developed characters, Kevin the dog was quite a fun addition to the story.

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Review: IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Shalvis

If you are looking for fun, sexy, contemporary romance, you have got to try Jill Shalvis. Her Lucky Harbor series is my favorite with the small town nosey, quirky, people that will gossip about you on Facebook but then also stand behind you when things get tough. It Had To Be You is the 7th in the series and one of the best ones yet.

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