Review: THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE by Christina Skye

In The Accidental Bride by Christina Skye, Jilly O’Hara is just on the cusp of success. Her restaurant is packed just about every night and her line of organic salsa is starting to take off. One busy night though, Jilly collapses in her kitchen and is diagnosed with heart problems. Her doctors orders are clear: No stress! For someone who is constantly on the go and feeds off of stress, Jilly is at a loss. Her best girlfriends decide to send Jilly on a vacation to a knitting retreat in Wyoming  (Jilly doesn’t know about the knitting part). At the airport she meets the reclusive and sexy Walker Hale and his service dog, Winslow. Walker pretty much keeps to himself after returning home from Afghanistan but there is something about Jilly that is bringing him back to life. Will they find love or are their lifestyles too different?

13548167I  thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Besides being a romance, it talks about my other favorite hobby: knitting! Reading about Jilly learning the stitches and how to hold the needles brought back fond memories of when I learned the craft. Skye does a great job of capturing the friendliness of knitters as well. If we see another knitter, we can talk for hours about our passion. Knitters are always ready to help out those learning as well.

I have to say that Winslow stole the book. His love at first sight with Jilly was so sweet and his devotion to Walker even more sweet. Then to top it off that he is a hero having saved the lives of an entire platoon.

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Review & Giveaway: THE DETECTIVE by Adrienne Giordano

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9780373698479In The Detective by Adrienne Giordano, Brody Hayward, a homicide detective, recovers from an elbow injury he agrees to help his private detective sister look at a two year old murder case. While he only plans to give it a cursory look the same is not the case for the interior designer he encounters in the course of his investigation.

Lexi Vanderbilt proves to be more of a distraction than Brody anticipated and as the case starts to unravel Lexi’s involvement in the case lead her and Brody into a convoluted web of intrigue and a twist that even I did not expect.

Once again Adrienne provides the reader with characters whose cryptic comments and quick wit lead the reader on an enjoyable journey into the mystery and power struggles of the movers and shakers in the world of high finance.

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Review: IRRESISTIBLE by Susan Mallery

In Irresistible by Susan Mallery, Walker Buchanan has just moved into his new apartment.  After years of being in the Marines,  Walker wants nothing but peace and quiet.  Then he meets his new neighbor, Elissa Towers,  a single mom struggling to make ends meet.  Both of them keep telling themselves that they are just friends,  but things keep getting heated between them with stolen kisses. Will these two commitment – phobes admit that something is going on?

73068I thought the first book in this series was awesome but this book manages to top it! We get to see all of the Buchanan siblings and of course nasty Gloria with concurrent story lines. The chemistry between Walker and Elissa is hot and their story is well thought out. One of the overriding themes of this book and series is family. What makes a family? Mallery showcases the unconditional love of families,  the devotion between siblings, as well as the arguments between families that are part of living.

Mallery had me tearing up towards the end of the book. In one scene, Zoe, Elissa’ s young daughter is talking with Walker about her father,  a no good dead beat dad that she has never met. Walker tells Zoe that any man can be a father but only a daddy can love a child. Then he tells Zoe that he is her daddy. When Elissa tries to correct Walker, he remains firm that he is Zone ‘ s daddy.

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Review: DELICIOUS by Susan Mallery

In the first book of the Buchanan series, Delicious by Susan Mallery, Gloria Buchanan, the matriarch of the family has convinced her grand son, Cal to come back to work for the family. Cal left years ago to start his own successful company but agrees to work again for the family for 4 months. The family’s flagship restaurant, The Waterfront, needs to be rescued. Poor service and even worse food has tumbled the once premier restaurant from it’s top spot.  Cal knows that in order to save the establishment he has to hire the best.The only problem? The best chef in Seattle happens to be his ex wife, Penny. Can they save the restaurant and rekindle their love?

73069I love Penny’s character in this book.She is a delightful combination of feisty and independent. One of my favorite scenes in the book is when she finds out Cal has been hiding a secret from her for years, one that eventually led to their marriage failing. When Cal sees Penny for the first time after she has learned the secret, Penny throws a meat cleaver at him, barely missing his head, and claiming it “slipped” from her hand.

Another favorite part of this book is that Penny is pregnant. Tired of waiting for the right man, Penny goes to a sperms bank. Cal is immediately intrigued by Penny’s new figure (after he gets over his shock).It was great to see a pregnant woman enjoying sex.

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Review: HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY by Charlene Sands

In Her Forbidden Cowboy  by Charlene Sands, Jessica Holcomb has just been jilted by her fiance.  As in, at the church about to walk down the aisle jilted.  Unable to deal with the gossip in her home town of Beckon, Texas, Jessica flees to her brother in law’s place in California. The Zane Williams is a country superstar but when he lost his wife and unborn child, Zane lost his spark for life and is just going through the motions. A stupid accident has him laid up with a broken foot and wrist, which is making him even more crankier. Can Jess make grumpy Zane come out of his shell? Will Jess and Zane ignore the sparks flying between them?

I was a little worried when I signed up to do this review because I know nothing about country music,  but the blurb sounded too good to pass up. Despite my Southern background,  as I have mentioned in another review, my musical tastes are more along the lines of rock and metal. The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to be a country music fan to enjoy it. The story line focuses more on Jess and Zane ‘ s healing process and his fame is only a side note.

It was very interesting to watch Jess evolve through out the story. Not only does she physically change her appearance (California Makeover!!!) but she becomes a stronger woman. Towards the end of the book, Jess definitely takes a stand against Zane and does what is right for her.

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