Review: BLAME IT ON TEXAS by Christie Craig

Blame it on Texas is the second book in the Hotter in Texas Series by Christie Craig. I have always loved Christie Craig’s light romantic suspense books. Her books warmed me up to romantic suspense a lot. Her writing is very fluid and her books are hard to put down. She has a great balance of mystery, suspense, romance and humor. There is also a lot of camaraderie among friends and family in her stories which I love.

I enjoyed the relationship between Tyler and Zoe. It was a very believable from beginning to end. They had great chemistry but were both very logical people and it was fun to watch them try and let go of logic and give into what their hearts were telling them. Some of my favorite scenes included the scrabble game, the diner scene where Tyler ended up with a lot of food on him, as well as when Tyler found Zoe jumping on the bed naked chasing after Bud and Lucky. She sure was embarrassed! Christie did a very nice job building the romance between Tyler and Zoe and with their intimate scenes. They fit the tone of the story and were very romantic.

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