Review: THE MERCY OF THE SKY by Holly Bailey

In The Mercy of the Sky by Holly Bailey, on May 20, 2013, Moore, Oklahoma became the first ever urban area to be struck by two EF5 tornadoes since records of tornadoes have been kept. The nation watched in horror as the massive tornado roared through the suburban landscape. The tornado struck during the middle of the afternoon when thousands of kids were still in school and unfortunately two schools took a direct hit. In the aftermath,  twenty -five people were dead, including 7 children at the Plaza Towers Elementary School.

mercybookjacketBefore moving to the Midwest,  I honestly really didn’t pay attention to the weather.  I have learned that weather in this part of the country is extremely unpredictable.  Having seen 3 tornadoes since moving up here, I have a healthy respect for nature but the storms still hold a fascination for me. I can’t even imagine going through a tornado much less a violent tornado like the one that struck Moore in 2013

In The Mercy of the Sky, author Holly Bailey does a fantastic job of narrating the events of May 20th from different perspectives.  She also spends several chapters explaining the history of storms in Oklahoma and the so-called ” weather wars” between the news stations  (ever wonder why a helicopter is always filming tornadoes in that state?  Bailey explains why). She also explains how Moore continues to rise from the rubble over and over again.

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