Review: GUARDED by J.D. Rivera

In Guarded by J.D. Rivera, Vanessa Smith is almost done with her marriage. After years of mental abuse and putting up with her husband cheating on her, Vanessa has had enough.  All she wants to do is get divorced and rebuild her life. A chance encounter with a stranger has her rethinking her take on men. Can Jackson Berrios break down the walls Vanessa has built around her heart? This is a prequel to Rivera ‘ s other book about Vanessa and Jackson.  I don’t think I realized just how short it would be. The story was just getting good, when it ended! It definitely left me wanting to find out more about this couple.

Guarded Cover - FinalVanessa is an interesting character. Despite what her ex husband did to her, she is extremely resilient. Vanessa has an independence streak a mile wide, which I could strongly relate to.

Jackson,  who turns our to be a basketball player, was so very patient with Vanessa. When she would pull away, Jackson would refuse to let her and would remind her that not all men are like her ex. The only thing I didn’t like about him was when he pulled the controlling rich boyfriend stunt by actually paying someone to break her car so she would agree to drive the car he bought with Vanessa in mind.

One of the interesting things about this book is Jackson ‘ s profession. Jackson had just recently signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder when he meets Vanessa.  It’s mentioned in a few places that he is recognized when out and that there are pictures of him in the newspaper.The novella doesn’t revolve around his career but focuses instead on the bidding romance between Vanessa and Jackson. This is great for readers who may not be sports fans.

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