Review: EMBATTLED MINDS by J.M. Madden

In Embattled Minds by J.M. Madden, Zeke Foster had it all in high school: he was the classic jock with girls rushing to date him. After graduation, Zeke enlists in the Marines and is sent to Afghanistan, where he is seriously injured in combat.  The battle leaves him physically scarred and with a traumatic brain injury that affects his speech.  Once Zeke is recovered enough to resume life as a civilian, he joins the Lost N Found Investigative Service.  On a chance encounter while having a drink with some buddies, he meets Ember Norton. Will she be able to see past the scars and love him?

17725791I seriously can not say enough good things about this series!! Madden does such a superb job with every story.  She pays such respect to her characters, especially the veterans, that it will bring tears to your eyes.

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Review: EMBATTLED HEARTS by J.M. Madden

I have been told by so many friends to read the Lost and Found Series by J.M. Madden. I was really intrigued with the series after reading the The Embattled Road. Embattled Hearts is the first full length novel in the series and follows the guys many years after they have started their Lost and Found Investigative Services. It is not at all what I expected, which is still why I am not sure how I feel about it. I found myself not wanting to put it down, yet, the feeling I came away with it is a bit neutral.

17340459Embattled Hearts is John and Shannon’s story. The two of them have been working together for about six months and both have feelings for the other one but have yet to act on them. That all changes when John takes up a short term residence at Shannon’s house to protect her due to a stalker. While under the same roof, feelings start to come out and they slowly start up a relationship. John is the same stubborn hard ass he has been since was injured serving his country and Shannon is just the right girl for John, not putting up with his crap.

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Review: THE EMBATTLED ROAD by J.M. Madden

Thought this would be a great book to feature on Memorial Day. It reminds me of all those that have fought and are fighting for our freedom. They don’t always come home or come home the way they left. While I am very honored, proud and humbled by what they give up for us, I cannot fathom what they and their families go through.

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A couple of friends recommended J.M. Madden’s Lost and Found Series to me and let me tell you, I am so looking forward to this series. The Embattled Road is the prequel to the series and centers around Marines Duncan, John and Chad, and how they were injured in battle and their immediate recovery. It also sets up the rest of the series by showing how the three of them come back together at the end.

These three heroes each have physical and emotional challenges any Marine would have given the situation they lived through. It was very interesting watching them go through their hospital stay post injury and the road they each took from there.We don’t normally get to see the gritty stuff like this in typical romance books so the truth and rawness of these stories pulls you in and really has you falling for these guys and cheering for them.

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