Review: SUGARED by Jamie Farrell

What a fun story! Sugared by Jamie Farrell is the fourth book in the Misfit Brides Series. We meet Kimmie and Josh in previous books and while Kimmie is a constant character in the other books, Josh is pretty new to all of us. If you are looking for a sugary sweet romance story, this book is for you.

Sugared1800x2700-768x1152To be honest, I was nervous about reading Sugared. I loved the other books in the series and I adore Farrell’s writing, but Kimmie was never a character I really connected with. She was a little annoying in the other stories to me. Not in a mean way – just a little awkward and different than heroines I like to read about. You could probably say her character is a little too close to reality. I trust Farrell and knew that I would be getting a good story, plus I really wanted to know how she would write Kimmie’s romance so thats why I decided to go for it.

Kimmie is Kimmie. She is not your typical heroine. She is a sheltered woman who is awkward and quirky and skittish (loved that description from Mrs. Kincaid) but nice and loyal and has an amazing heart. She loves people. She loves to bake cake for people. She loves the joy it brings them. It was great to see how everyone in Bliss absolutely loves her and would do anything for her (except perhaps stand up to her mother). Who wouldn’t want to see a character like that get her happy ever after?

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Review: SMITTENED by Jamie Farrell

Smittened by Jamie Farrell is the absolute perfect title for this book. A sweet little novella that is sure to have you smittened with the hero and heroine. After reading about Mikey in Matched I wasn’t so sure about him. He was, afterall, trying to keep my favorite couple in Bliss apart so I was a little frustrated with him. He redeemed himself in Smittened for sure.

Smittened1800x2700-200x300Dahlia is not a heroine I am used to reading about. She isn’t the girl that stands out. She lives with cats, a lizard and a guinea pig with next to no furniture in her living room because she had to sell it since she was kind enough to loan money to her ex boyfriend who up and left. She runs an ice cream store in Bliss and it doesn’t see a lot of business in the winter months. Money is tight.

Mikey, country superstar Bill Brenton’s drummer and best friend, is a little lost, lonely and just needs a friend. He is also a bit of a manwhore, charming and flirting with every woman he sees. I didn’t expect him to fall for someone like Dahlia who doesn’t typically fall for men like Mikey. This unlikely pair was heartwarming to read about. Both of the characters grew so much in a short time frame and I flew through the story.

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Review: MATCHED by Jamie Farrell

Oh boy, where do I begin with this one? There are some books that just leave you a little speechless. Matched by Jamie Farrell is one of them for me. It is difficult to put into words why this one pulled at my emotions so much. I am so in love with this story. I don’t have anything obvious in common with the main characters, but their emotions and feelings reached out to me physically. Not just in my imagination. I felt the characters’ pain. Their heartache. Their yearning. But I also felt their joy.

Matched1800x2700-200x300Will and Lindsey are the hero and heroine in Matched, the second book in the Misfit Brides Series. They met and fell in love one spring break many years before and now Will is back to see if Lindsey is still the one for him. Will is the country-singing southern boy who stole my heart from the beginning and never let it go. His southern charm and heart melting song lyrics were enough to want to push Lindsey out of the way and take him for myself. But, his heart only wants Lindsey.

We met Lindsey in Blissed, as Natalie’s sister and the divorce lawyer who is not always welcome in the most married-est place on Earth – the town of Bliss. However, she is not the tough, baby-eating rebel lawyer that everyone sees and Will is the only one that can all her on it. She inspires him and his music but she is so lost she fights him and her feelings every step of the way.

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Review: BLISSED by Jamie Farrell

Blissed by Jamie Farrell is an engaging contemporary romance story that had me laughing and crying. This is the first book in The Misfit Brides series and definitely had me wanting more when I finished with it. Farrell has a way of writing stories that seem light on the outside and are easy to read yet have real depth to the characters and the plot.

Blissed1800x2700-200x300Farrell sets up this series wonderfully with a fictional town in Illinois called Bliss. It is so different from anything I have read about and provides lots of laughter and eye rolling. It has quirky shop owners and crazy customs featured around weddings. It is the most married-est town! I think my favorite place in this town is a bar off the main street (called The Aisle) named Suckers. It is where all the fun interactions happen for sure. I would love to hang out there!

CJ is the hero of this story and like most heroes, he isn’t perfect. He has his flaws and needs to let some things go before he can fully give his heart to the heroine Natalie. She has some issues of her own. I was worried near the beginning of the book that she would annoy me by playing the victim throughout the story, but just about that time, things turned and she started standing up for herself a bit more, which I liked.

It was refreshing that Farrell’s main characters were not your typical romance couple. They both struggled over the loss of their spouses in different ways and it was very inspiring to watch the two of them grow in their personal battles. Their romance was quite fun to experience and Farrell is getting pretty darn hot with her steamy scenes! I absolutely loved it. This was a fantastic balance.

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Review: THE HUSBAND GAMES by Jamie Farrell

The Husband Games by Jamie Farrell is full of love and laughter.  After having met Jamie in person I was not surprised as she seems to love to laugh and that certainly came through in this novel.  The story line is crazy but fun and the characters are at times maddening but believable.

Sometimes I was frustrated with the main character, Natalie,  because I think she was capable of having more of a back bone when it came to dealing with Marilyn, the Queen General.  However, at other times I recognized how much she wanted to honor her deceased mother’s memory when it came to these particular games. Her mother had chaired them for many years and Natalie wanted to carry on that tradition in spite of how much Marilyn tried to sabotage her.

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