Joint Review: OMEGA by Jasinda Wilder

My blogmate Candy has been reading the Alpha Series by Jasinda Wilder and after reading her reviews of it, I had to catch up, which is why you see two reviews of Alpha and Beta on this blog. I decided to jump in on her review of Omega, though, so we could bring you this joint review!
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Review by Candy
23677656Omega picks up right after the ending of Beta. Roth, Kyrie, and Layla are hiding from Vitaly Karahalios, who is now their sworn enemy. It’s not a matter of if but when Vitaly will strike to get revenge for his daughter’s death. Layla is chaffing at all the restrictions placed on her and she simply wants to go home. She’s even more bothered by Harris, who doesn’t seem to feel the attraction she does. Then in the middle of the night, Vitaly strikes and manages to kidnap Layla despite all of the security measures Harris put in place. Now Harris is desperately searching for Layla before Vitaly murders her. Will Harris find her in time? Will he finally admit his attraction to Layla?

Just wow. What another great book in this series. I was hooked from the first word and kept swiping the screen to see what would happen next.

Wilder does an amazing job with the suspense and action in this book. The scenes played out like a summer block buster movie in my head. What Layla did to survive Vitaly will give readers the shudders.

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Review: BETA by Jasinda Wilder

Beta by Jasinda Wilder was a crazy. Like crazy emotional and crazy violent with crazy people. It was emotionally charged from one end of the spectrum to the other. I was stunned at several points, freaked out at several points and a little turned on at times. And for some reason, Wilder’s books seem to have a positive affect on my husband (wink).  After reading Alpha and being caught up in Roth and Kyrie’s relationship, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Beta. But then I read a couple of reviews. And waited. And thought about it. Because the reviews mentioned it being a little darker. A little edgy or raw, which made me nervous because I am an emotional person and feel everything I read. I finally decided to go for it even though I was a bit cautious.

22041497The reviews for Beta are not wrong. It is darker. It is edgy and raw. Some of the scenes were tough to take. The evil in a couple of these characters is incomprehensible but I have no doubt those types of people exist in this world (I hope I never meet anyone like them). What Wilder does with this story is phenomenal though. She is able to push the lines of the subject matter and turn it into love between two people that grows even stronger because of the horror they encountered.

Roth and Kyrie go through some very nasty things. Things that would leave anyone broken. The love between Roth and Kyrie only goes stronger because of the hell they both are going through, had to go through to get back to where they want to be. They deal. They have never been dragged down lower than they are in this story so far. I am not sure I have ever read a story this deeply emotional before. I thoroughly enjoyed how Wilder writes the books in first person and we get to see both sides. We get to feel the anguish and despair through the eyes of the characters. But then we get to see hope and love and promise for what is left and what is still to come.

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Review: ALPHA by Jasinda Wilder

Holy book hangover! I barely have enough energy left to write this review. Alpha by Jasinda Wilder sucked it all out of me. I am fairly new to reading Wilder, so I didn’t really know what to expect. First person point of view is also new to me but I barely even noticed it since the story was so enthralling and moved along at a very quick pace. It was fantastic.

21491731Alpha is unlike any other book I have read. When I first started reading, I expected to be mad at Roth for the way he was treating Kyrie but I never ended up feeling that way. What I first thought was dominance and an unhealthy obsession turned out to be the sweet and romantic. Alluring. Captivating. I was hooked and there was no going back for me. Just like Kyrie.

Wilder does a fantastic job developing her characters, giving us bits and pieces of them throughout the story at just the right time. She allows the readers to live in Kyrie’s shoes to be swept off our feet by a handsome, rich, incredible man. And lets not forget taken to the height of ecstasy, left breathless and wanting more by an extremely skilled lover.

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Review: AFTER FOREVER by Jasinda Wilder

After Forever by Jasinda Wilder picks up where Forever and Always abruptly ends. Cade and Ever have been in a horrific car wreck that leaves both of them injured. Cade’s injuries are fairly mild compared to Ever: he has a broken arm and leg.  Ever is not so lucky. She has a traumatic brain injury that has left her in a vegatative state. Cade is left in limbo. He loves Ever dearly but he feels like he is slowly loosing his connection to her. The only person who understands this is Ever’s twin sister, Eden. In a weak moment the two make a shocking decision that will have a lasting impact on everyone.

18664947This book is not an easy read. It’s not a sunny romance filled with hearts and kittens. It is full of heartache and misery and subjects few people want to talk about, much less write about. One of the topics dealt with is Ever being in a coma. Will she ever wake up? How does Cade go on without her? Can he go on without her?

Obviously Cade is dealing with a huge amount of survivors guilt, which comes pouring out in one heartbreaking scene. Cade also refuses to give up on Ever no matter what her doctors say.

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Review: BETA by Jasinda Wilder

At the end of Alpha by Jasinda Wilder, Kyrie returns to Roth even after she learns his secrets. The two embark on a world tour until Roth’s arms dealing past comes back to haunt them. Kyrie wakes up one morning at his chateau in France and discovers that Roth has been kidnapped. The kidnapping sets off a chain of events that have devastating consequences for the couple. Can their love survive these tests?

Beta-Amazon-GR-SW-653x1024Holy crap! Beta, the second book in the series, grabbed me from the first sentence and didn’t let me go until the last one. I had no idea Wilder could write such intense romantic suspense. The whole book reads like an action movie. In fact during the car chase scene, I totally heard the James Bond theme when Harris got put of his car and killed the bad guy.

In addition to all the suspense, Kyrie and Roth heat up the pages just like they did in Alpha. This time though, the scenes seemed more potent,  especially because of what the couple was going through.

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