I love the story, but am getting a little impatient waiting for the rest of it! This is the 4th Act of Master of The Opera, an e-serial by Jeffe Kennedy titled Dark Interlude. Jeffe sure can pack a lot of information, feeling and story into a short time frame. I do love that about her work. There don’t seem to be any wasted words. After reading this Act I can tell you that I am in love with Master and Roman is totally creeping me out.

dark interludeIn Dark Interlude, things start to really get tense between Roman and Christy and Master. Christy has a lot of unknowns she needs answered. Problem is that she doesn’t really know what the questions are. We get to see more of Christy’s friend Hally, which is one of my favorite characters. Christy takes things into her own hands and learns the truth about a lot of things which helps her make decisions on what to do, who to trust, and how to follow her heart.

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Things have kicked up quite a bit in the Master of the Opera serial with Act 3: Phantom Serenade by Jeffe Kennedy. Guys, we are getting to the good stuff.  The parts that make this serial erotic. The parts that make you squirm while reading. Things are also getting a little creepier and I am not sure what to believe – a lot like Christy!

MOO3Christy and Master share their first intimate encounter and it is every bit as delicious as I would want it to be. Things are a little strained between Christy and Roman and Christy and Carla, and I look forward to find out where those relationships are taken in the future. How will Christy balance her everyday relationships with her nightly one with Master? We get to see another side to Roman in this act as well as learn a little more about Hally, Christy’s friend.

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Jeffe Kennedy has a new e-serial romance out today titled Master of the Opera with six acts (installments). Today, you will see reviews for the first two acts: Act 1: Passionate Overture and Act 2: Ghost Aria.

Passionate Overture is just the beginning and seems to set the tone for the rest of the series. I have not read Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, nor have I watched the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber, so I won’t be able to tell you much about whether Master of the Opera is similar, but so far I am intrigued and a little creeped out (in a good way).

18757503Christine Davis is an apprentice at the Sante Fe Opera House. She is stuck doing a lot of inventory work in the lower levels of the Opera house when she meets the “Opera Ghost” for the first time. She is quite freaked out about it as anyone would be since her predecessor went missing. However, Christine has an intense dream about the Ghost, and he has only shown kindness to her. She isn’t sure what to think of that. After being introduced to Christine, the Ghost, and Ramon, one of the the Opera House owners, you start to feel that love triangle that I anticipate will happen.

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Review: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS by Jeffe Kennedy

Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy is a gift to anyone that likes to read erotic romance with a little bondage.  Not only do you get some saucy gift ideas for your significant other centered around the Twelve Days of Christmas, but you get an awesome romance story set on the warm beaches of Cozumel. Thank you, Jeffe.

Carina_1113_9781426897429_FiveGoldenRings (1)Matilda “Tilda” Campbell is on her way to Cozumel for a much needed vacation. She meets the handsome lawyer Miguel d’Oro on the plane and finds out she is staying at his family’s resort. The conversation continues and by the time they land, Tilda has agreed to let Miguel take her on a sensual journey that she has never experienced before in her life. And she loves it.

As with all of Jeffe’s erotic romance books, in Five Golden Rings you are taken on the same intense journey of intimacy and emotions as the characters. It’s like you are living the story with them – not just reading it.

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Review: ROGUE’S POSSESSION by Jeffe Kennedy

Jeffe Kennedy’s newest release, Rogue’s Possession is a captivating story that engaged me from the first page. It is the second book in Jeffe’s Covenant of Thorns series, and I do think you need to read Rogue’s Pawn first to understand all that is going on in Rogue’s Possession.

Rogue’s Possession has the same wonderful imagery that was given to us in Rogue’s Pawn. Jeffe does a fantastic job with her descriptions and when you add in the heroine, Gwynn’s, opinions as a human you can really “see” the Fae realm. The pacing of the story is spot on and I had a tough time putting it down because there are no lulls in the story. There was always something going on to interest me, even if it was just the thoughts of Gwynn alone. Gwynn is a stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to find out the secrets that are being kept. She is trying desperately to find out what will happen to her first born that she has promised to Rogue.

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