Review & Giveaway: SHATTER by Joan Swan

It is really hard to write a review about a book that has your emotions so wound up that you don’t know if you want to laugh, cry, smile or scream. This is the way I felt while reading Shatter by Joan Swan. I am so sad about this book. Sad that the series has come to an end. Sad that I won’t get to read any more of the group’s adventures (although maybe Joan will gift us with a couple of stories about Kai and Seth, maybe? Pretty please?). I am so incredibly happy with the way it all turned out, though. Happy that many characters found a special someone to live their happy ever after with. Happy that this wild goose chase regarding Senator Gil Schaeffer has come to an end. As I anticipated, Shatter was filled with heart wrenching emotion, edge of your seat action, and oh so sweet passion. It is the best combination in a romantic suspense book.

ShatterIf you have been with the series since Fever, you know the overall plot line among the four books. This is a series you must read from the beginning or you will be lost. It is a fantastic plot, too and very complex which makes you read every word to keep up. I love it when a book one truly takes you out of reality for awhile and requires you to hang on every word.

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Review: RUSH by Joan Swan

So freaking awesome. Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising series is unlike anything I have read before. The third book in the series, Rush, is just as kickass as Fever and Blaze. All of the characters have such an amazing chemistry with one another. The dialogue is both hilarious and emotionally intense. The plot itself is intriguing and sucked me in since the first pages of Fever (Book 1). Each story in the series features different main characters, yet has the same “team” of characters and overall plot. I really don’t think you can read these books on their own because there is so much stuff in each book and they build on each other.

rush(2)In Rush we finally experience the famous warehouse fire that started it all (it is only referred to in the other books). If you read Blaze, you know it left off with the team thinking they found Quaid, Jessica’s husband, who they all thought died in the warehouse fire because that is what they were told by government officials.

The plot in the Phoenix Rising series gets thicker in Rush. More is at stake and the tension is stronger. The team of characters are still pushing along to find out more information on what is going with each of their abilities and why the government wants to keep a lid on all of it. Joan continues to intrigue me keep me on the edge of my seat. Things move quickly in the story and I found myself hanging on each word.

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Review: FIRST TEMPTATION by Joan Swan

First Temptation by Joan Swan is one very hot romantic suspense story. It is the second book in Joan’s Covert Affairs Series and much steamier than the first one, Intimate Enemies. It is also part of the Wicked Firsts anthology (which you can preorder for just 99 cents at Amazon).

In First Temptation, we follow the story of Taft (Counterterrorism Agent) and Zoe (Border Patrol Agent) and their assignment to go undercover by posing as a couple that owns an adult store next to suspected Mexican cartel smugglers. It was quite entertaining to read about because Zoe knows nothing about the adult “toys” and Taft has a good time teasing her about many of the products they sell. Taft and Zoe are well developed and such fun characters. The dialogue and chemistry between Taft and Zoe is so perfect, even when they have doubts about one another. The plot fits right in line with the series and from the opening scene to the ending scene, I was all in.

As mentioned above, First Temptation is pretty hot on the romance and intimacy and lighter on the suspense. I wasn’t sure if I would like this series going too hot because I loved Intimate Enemies with the balance that it had, but this novella turned out great. I felt just as satisfied with the surprising and awesome ending.

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Review & Giveaway: INTIMATE ENEMIES by Joan Swan

Update – Congratulations to Michelle, Donna, and Linda for winning a copy of Intimate Enemies!  Thank you to all who participated. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Intimate Enemies was the first book I read by Joan Swan and what started my love for her writing. Today, you might the chance to experience this great book as well, because Joan is giving away 3 copies to 3 lucky winners!

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Review: BLAZE by Joan Swan

Before I go in to the review of Blaze, Book 2 of the Phoenix Rising series, I want to comment on the cover. There is a nice looking, very fit male on the cover, but I really don’t think this cover begins to describe the story. This book isn’t about sex. Yes, there is a love story weaved into it but the book is so much more than that. I really think a different type of cover could have done so much more for this series. I don’t intend to put down the cover artist, as I know they work hard and the cover itself is very well done. My personal opinion for the cover would be to include the heroine (Keira) and the little boy (Mateo) with the hero (Luke), and have all their powers highlighted. I almost didn’t read this series because I thought it was going to be mostly about sex and want the people that may think the same as me to give it a try since it is such a good story.

blzaJoan Swan has come up with such a good story in this series that is so different from other romantic suspense books. I am hooked! I suggest you read Fever (Book 1) before this one, as things will make a lot more sense. My review of Fever can be found on here. I think Blaze is probably better than Fever because you get to continue on with characters that you met in Fever.

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