Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: THE RELUCTANT RANCHER by Joann Baker and Patricia Mason

Today we are celebrating the release of The Reluctant Rancher by Joann Baker and Patricia Mason! Paulette has a review for us, there is an except and a giveaway!

In this book we meet Mary Carter, an ex-military kid, who is finally a finding a place she can call home, Fiddler Creek.  Due to business struggles and lack of funds, she finds herself going to the anti-social but richest man in Fiddler Creek, Luke Tanner, oh yeah, and she has always had a crush on him.   Now Luke’s hard exterior came from years of feeling used by others only wanting him for his money, and from an ex-wife that left him right after their wedding.

The Reluctant Rancher - New CoverMary, having low self-esteem due to her fuller figure, never feels she could have a chance at the loan or love with Luke, who himself is not an Adonis. But a need at Luke’s ranch, and her need for the money, forces the pair together.   After some flirting, some bickering, and indeed some misunderstandings, the two find out they may just be what the other has been looking for.

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