Review: SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER by Julie James

I just finished Suddenly One Summer by Julie James and I am left with another warm and happy heart. James knows how to write fun, witty contemporary romance that keeps you turning pages while smiling, laughing and sometimes shedding a tear along the way.

23511480In Suddenly One Summer we are treated to Ford’s romance. I first met him in Love Irresistibly as the best friend of Brooke, the heroine of that story. It is so fun watching Ford fall in love. As in all of James’ stories, the heroine in this books is quite kickass. Victoria is a Divorce Attorney with her own successful law firm who lives next to Ford, an Investigative Journalist for the Chicago Tribune. Both of them have (surprise) intimacy issues and while Victoria is seeing a therapist about hers and we get to experience her growth during the story with her, Ford is dealing with his on his own.

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Review: IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING by Julie James

Complete book hangover. Yes, It Happened One Wedding by Julie James is one of those books that has you thinking about long after you finish reading. It’s a fun, witty, sexy romance that had me racing to the end where we get to see them live happily ever after, but really not wanting it to end.

18136549It Happened One Wedding in a nutshell is a story about boy meets girl, they claim they don’t want the same things, are just going to be friends, the end (or so they thought). Of course, as in all good stories, there are twists and while the end might be the same of a happy ever after, the path to that HEA is the best part.

James always writes such fun dialogue in her stories. That is my favorite part of her books! I would take the dialogue over the sexy scenes and I like sexy scenes, so that should say something. I really enjoyed Vaughn and Sidney in this story. They are my favorite type of hero and heroines – strong, independent, settled in their careers and just looking for that special someone. Well, okay, Vaughn doesn’t think he needs a special someone, but he is wrong. Next to Nick and Jordan from A Lot Like Love, Vaughn and Sidney might be my favorite characters in any of James’ books.

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