Review: UNCOVERING DESIRE by Kacey Shea

In Uncovering Desire by Kacey Shea, Jon Beltran is slowly adjusting to civilian life after having served eight years in the Army. On a drunken whim, Jon started a PI firm with his best friend and things are going well. One of Jon’s complaints is his love life. Evie, his best friend and business partner is now in an exclusive relationship and she long ago put Jon in the friend zone. Then there is Kate Bryant. Kate lives life to the fullest and she loves getting Jon riled up with her sharp tongue. When asbestos is found in her apartment, Kate and Jon become temporary roommates. Will this unlikely pair find love?

UncoveringDesire_FrontCover_LoResI loved everything about this book! Shea writes a great romance. Her plots are well developed with characters so real you feel like you should be able to call them up and have dinner with them. Shea’s love scenes have just the right amount of heat in them as well.

Kate was a total surprise to me. In the first book she came off as a loveable flake with a very active sex life. Looks can definitely be deceiving. Kate really opened up in this book and a lot of her was nothing but a facade to cover up her heartbreak. Seeing Jon with Kate was a hoot. She forced him out of his comfort zone a few times. I don’t think things would have turned out okay for Jon if Kate hadn’t been there for him when he needed it the most. Continue reading

Review: UNCOVERING LOVE by Kacey Shea

In Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea, Evelyn Harper was enjoying life until it threw her a curve ball and she is fired from her job. Over drinks one night her two best friends, Jonathan and Kate come up with an idea that Jonathan and Evelyn should start a PI firm specializing in relationship investigations. With no other job prospects on the horizon, Evie agrees and Harper & Beltran is formed. Their first client has them investigating a potential boyfriend. Their target is Tate, a personal trainer at the hottest gym in town. As Evie gets to know Tate, it soon becomes clear that he is more than just a target. Can Evie remain professional and find love?

UC SheaI loved all of the characters in this book. From the primary ones to the supporting ones,  Shea has created a great cast of characters. All of them seemed so real to me. I felt like these were real people that I might bump into on the street or where ever.

I really enjoyed the friendship between Kate,  Jonathan,  and Evie. It was very realistic and their love for each other was tangible.  They support each other in their ups and downs and while they may have disagreements,  it seems like nothing can separate this trio.

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