Review: WHEN I SEE YOU by Katherine Owen

In When I See You by Katherine Owen, Jordan and Ethan Holloway have been married for four years and have a young son. For the majority of those four years, Ethan has been away serving in Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL sniper. Jordan hates that Ethan is away so much from their family and has made Ethan promise that this will be his last tour. On the final weekend before Ethan leaves, his partner and best friend since childhood,  Brock Wainwright comes for a visit. Jordan isn’t sure how she feels about Brock but she makes him promise that he will bring Ethan back to her alive. It’s a promise that Brock is unable to fulfill. In a blink of an eye, Jordan is now a young widow and Brock is left blinded with an unsure future ahead of him. As the two try to find their way after Ethan’s death, Jordan learns that her husband has kept a huge secret from her. Can she forgive both Ethan and Brock?

13374079I originally downloaded this book in March of 2013. Unfortunately, it sat on my Kindle for nearly 3 years until I decided to read it as part of the Forgotten Book Challenge  (if you are interested,  look the group up on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join! ). I am seriously kicking myself right now for having waited so long to read this amazing book.

The book bills itself as a contemporary romance. There are romantic elements to the book but this was more of a general fiction read to me. The book largely deals with the subjects of grief and trust. The interaction between Jordan and Brock is very interesting. When they first met, Jordan doesn’t know what to think of him. Meanwhile Brock is mad at himself for being attracted to his best friend’s wife. As the story progresses and after a lot of arguments the two become friends and eventually lovers.

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