Review: EDGE OF DANGER by Katie Reus

I have a love/hate relationship with Edge of Danger by Katie Reus. I loved it so much and hated that it had to end. This is another fast paced, action filled, sexy romantic suspense in the Deadly Ops series. A series that continues to get better with each book I read. I absolutely love the characters developed in this series and the storylines are phenomenal. Reus does a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat while reading.

24452998The unraveling of the conspiracy happening in Edge of Danger was so exciting to follow. I like it when we know who the culprits are and we get to follow the trail along with the characters. It makes my heart race a little faster when I knew who the enemy is but the characters do not yet. There is just the right amount of action packed into this story and smoking hot romance. Reus balances the two very well and knows where to put those sexy scenes to allow you to catch your breath from the action. Of course, your breathing might become erratic once you finish those scenes, too.

Tucker and Karen are the main characters in this story, although you could argue that Wesley Burkhart, NSA Director is the main character in any book is featured. Tucker Pankov and Karen Stafford meet in a very unconventional way which was awesome. I was very curious how this relationship was going to work based on that little introduction, but as usual, Reus finds a way. The rest of their relationship was as unique as their initial meeting was so unique. They are both very strong individuals with a love for their country and are fiercely willing to protect it at all costs.

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Protective Instinct by Katie Reus is the perfect story for Ryan and Teresa. I really enjoy the entire Moon Shifter series with both novels and novellas. Reus is able to connect the overall storyline within the short stories. Protective Instinct was just as entertaining as the other books. There is the perfect blend of romance, suspense and paranormal aspects to the story. Once you open one of these books, you rarely close it without finishing. Reus writes in a way that pulls you in from the first page and won’t let you go until the end.

25293467Ryan and Teresa have been dancing around the whole mating/bonding thing for a long time and it is driving Teresa insane. Ryan has his fears which Teresa understands in her head to a point but really thinks he can overcome them and tries everything she can do to do just that. Eventually she can’t think of anything else to tell or show him how serious she is about wanting to be his for the rest of their lives. She is tired of waiting on him. Of course, just then, disaster strikes and the pack has to move into action and all thoughts of romance are pushed to the side for Teresa and Ryan.

Reus handles this short story fantastically. The romance between Teresa and Ryan plays out very nicely and the passion and intimacy fits the story and characters well.The balance of suspense and romance is perfect and the appearance of other characters adds to the storyline. I love reading about past romances and learning about ones to come in future stories.

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Review & Giveaway: SHATTERED DUTY by Katie Reus

Extreme book hangover. Shattered Duty by Katie Reus was absolutely fantastic. I have read a lot of books by Reus so that should tell you that I love her writing, but what I loved so much about Shattered Duty were the characters. Levi rocked and Selene kicked some serious butt. The two of them together were phenomenal.

23398887In Shattered Duty, Levi and Selene work together with the same goal in mind yet they don’t always see eye to eye on how things should happen, nor do they completely trust one another. If you have read the other books and know when Lieutenant General of the NSA, Wesley Burkhart, is involved in something, he usually gets his way. Selene is loyal to both Levi and Wesley in very different ways. Something you don’t completely understand until the end of the book with the cool twist that is thrown in there. I adored the way Wesley watched over Selene. She is like a daughter to him and sometimes he breaks the tough guy mode and thinks like a father. It is very heartwarming.

Levi is trying very hard to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife, Meghan. He doesn’t know how all the pieces fit together yet, but he has a pretty good idea of who at least issued her murder and he is not going to give up until he is able to take that person out. Selene needs the terrorist for another reason and they work together as much as they can.

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Review: CHASING DANGER by Katie Reus

Chasing Danger by Katie Reus is a quick read full of smoking hot intimacy and suspense. While I adore the Deadly Ops series, I was a little disappointed with this one – mainly because it was so short. I knew it was a novella going into it, but that didn’t keep me from wanting more of Dax and Hannah’s story.


Hannah is the target of a killer all because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Good thing she has an ex-Delta Force operative who also has his sights on her for a different reason. Dax happens to be in the right place at the right time when Hannah needs him most. I actually enjoyed the suspense of the story more than the passion and relationship side of things in Chasing Danger. Usually its the other way around for me, but this one had me on edge and I didn’t want to put it down until the villain was caught.

Despite what I said above about enjoying the suspense and story aspect of the story most, I enjoyed the unfolding of Dax and Hannah’s relationship. I like that they already had a history since there was not a lot of time to build up each character as one would have in a full length novel. Dax and Hannah have great chemistry and you can see that in the passionate intimate scenes in the book.

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Review: HUNTER REBORN by Katie Reus

The Moon Shifter series by Katie Reus continues to get better and better. Each book I read pulls me in and keeps me there until reality sucks me back out. I love how lost in the stories I get with these books. Hunter Reborn, the 6th novel in the series is no different. Katie does a fabulous job of creating individual characters with their own stories while maintaining the flow of the overall series plot.

In Hunter Reborn, we get to watch Aiden (lupine shifter) and Larissa (kickass vamp) find each other again. Aiden believed Larissa was dead many years prior to the setting of the story and Larissa has no memory of what happened. Watching the two of them connect and learn about each other again was so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Especially as we learn what really happened all those years ago to force them apart. The romance between the two of them was very believable in my opinion given the storyline. Katie does a fantastic job of building relationships and writing intimate scenes that fit the story and the characters. I loved how this one played out. Something very endearing to me in Hunter Reborn was that even though Aiden is a strong wolf and by nature feels the need to protect his mate, he embraced Larissa’s strength and encouraged her. He did not hold her back but backed her up.

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