Review: DEADLY DESCENT by Kaylea Cross

I love Kaylea Cross’ military romantic suspense books. She has such passion for the military and you can see that when she writes about the men and women that serve. She tries very hard to get all her details correct and it shows. As with all of Kaylea’s romantic suspense books, this one is filled with that edge of your seat suspense that keeps you from putting the book down until you get to the end.

12042790This story introduces us to Devon and Cameron who have to go through so many things before they can be together.  Just when you think it is their moment, something else comes up.  I really enjoy Kaylea’s writing.  She writes characters that are very smart, witty, a little damaged, and so loveable that you want to root for them. She also writes stories that seem so real when you read them that you sometimes forget you are reading fiction because of the emotions that you feel. You also realize how much you do NOT want to be in the hero and heroine’s place at times during the story.

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