Review: TASTING FIRE by Kelsey Browning

Title: Tasting Fire (Kingstons, #2)

Author: Kelsey Browning

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

Tasting Fire by Kelsey Browning is such a good story. It’s entertaining, suspenseful, funny, sexy, and hard to put down. Cash and Emmy are a great couple and their journey to happy ever after is filled with undeniable chemistry and respect for one another. Browning also takes each reader on a journey of self reflection. Having Emmy look at her life throughout this story has caused me to do the same. I felt a little lighter in spirit at the end of Tasting Fire.

I have always enjoyed Browning’s contemporary romance books filled with humor and sexy times. She can always make me laugh, but I have really enjoyed her romantic suspense books as well. This story was unique and not at all what I expected when I started the story, which I loved! The twists and turns where exciting. The action scenes were well written, and the medical side of the story was fascinating.

Tasting Fire has so much going on which makes the reader hang on every word so they don’t miss a thing. I enjoyed the many aspects of this book – some very serious, incredible scenes that made my heart hurt, other playful ones, and still others with so much passion I felt warm and happy all over.  That’s what makes this book so great!

If you are looking for a romantic suspense story that will capture you from the first page, take you for an emotional ride, and leave you feeling happy and hopeful, give Tasting Fire a read.

* * * * *

Review: ENDURING LOVE by Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn, and Adrienne Giordano

Title: Enduring Love (Steele Ridge, #8)

Author: Adrienne Giordano, Kelsey Browning, Tracey Devlyn

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC Received from Authors

Reviewed by Amy

* * * * *

What an entertaining short story that is part of the Steele Ridge series! Enduring Love gives us a snapshot into Eddy and Joan Steele’s relationship. For those that have read the other books, this one answers the question of why Eddy has been a recluse for so many years and given up his family for the better part of 20 years. It’s a quick read and keeps you turning pages!

Reading this series has made me realize I want to be Joan Steele for my kids. She is one hard core mom who gives unconditional love to her family. She doesn’t let fear stop her from protecting her own, no matter the cost. She always stole the scenes in previous books and am so glad she has a story of her own.

We don’t know much about Eddy from the past books – just want his family mentioned or thought of him, so I was excited to read about him. My heart hurt for the family that missed out on him for so many years, yet it warmed when I learned the truth and how things ended. The beginning scene was absolutely priceless and I couldn’t have imagined a better story for Joan and Eddy. The authors nailed it with Enduring Love. Absolutely fantastic.

* * * * *


Review: STRIPPING BARE by Kelsey Browning

Kelsey Browning writes an amazing story in Stripping Bare. I have been looking forward to Jonah’s story ever since he became Baby Billionaire! Stripping Bare is filled with heartache and difficult topics. There is hope in this story and we get to watch two people overcome so much. It’s warms the heart.

We meet Tessa in Stripping Bare. She has such strength and determination that you admire her from the start. Tessa’s history is definitely filled with heartbreak and Jonah has been beating himself up over it for so many years, taking the blame. I never knew he had so much passion inside of him because he always gives off an easy going vibe in the other Steele Ridge books. That’s what he wants others to see. He carries so much on his own and tries to protect others.

The plot in this story freaks me out. How would you feel if someone was watching and threatening you but you had no idea who that was or if they would follow through on their threats? It added a level of tension to the story that all good suspense books do! The gaming side was fun but tricky for me since I am not a gamer. Those that love to games will enjoy this aspect of the story. It certainly adds to the action and adventure.

The romance between Tessa and Jonah is tough but runs deep. I can’t really relate to what each of them was going through but appreciated and respected each sides and my heart ached for them as if they were my real friends. Browning always writes such full, emotionally-loaded love scenes. They are amazing, pull you in as if you are experiencing it with the characters and leave you a bit breathless. Even with uniqueness of Tessa and Jonah’s history and the struggles they shared in the bedroom, these were fantastic. This was an unbelievable romance.

The suspense and mystery aspect of the Stripping Bare was very well done. The twist and turns kept me reading to the very end. And of course, I enjoyed the rest of the Steele clan’s involvement. They are such a fun gang to be around! While the stories are all connected by characters, each book has its own plot, so anyone can give Stripping Bare a read and will enjoy it!

Title: Stripping Bare

Author: Kelsey Browning

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: GOING HARD by Kelsey Browning

Kelsey Browning is an auto-read author for me and while I have my favorites of hers, Going Hard might just top them all. Maybe. Grif and Carlie Beth are great characters that pulled me into their story from the start. Grif is back in Canyon, er, Steele Ridge to help his brother Jonah out. He runs into Carlie Beth, someone he shared a pretty special night with almost 15 years before.

Grif doesn’t want to stay in Steele Ridge. He wants to get back to his LA life. That is the life that made him millions of dollars and made him feel like he did something with his life. Carlie Beth is an independent mother who is doing all she can to make ends meet and raise her daughter the best way she knows how in her home town of Steele Ridge. She doesn’t expect to see Grif Steele again, but now he is here. And isn’t leaving soon enough. The chemistry between Grif and Carlie Beth is electric and hot and something neither of them can ignore. It’t quite fun to watch them explore this attraction.

Browning’s romance stories always have great dialogue, some sass, and characters you fall in love with. Going Hard has an additional edge to it that we don’t usually see in her other stories which is touch of mystery and suspense. People in town are turning up dead and all things point towards Carlie Beth. Grif and his brothers will stop at nothing to figure out who is behind this.

I could not put Going Hard down while reading it. It moved at a pace that had me flipping pages to find out what would happen next. In addition to the romance between Grif and Carlie Beth, as well as the mystery plot, there was the relationship between Carlie Beth’s daughter Aubrey and Grif. It was so sweet and I loved watching it unfold. There is so much going on in this story! Going Hard has it all – love, romance, family, friends, and a little mystery. Give it a read. You will love it!

Title: Going Hard (Steele Ridge, #2)

Author: Kelsey Browning

Category: Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense

Source: Purchased from Amazon

Review: A PASSION TO PURSUE by Kelsey Browning

I have so much love for A Passion to Pursue by Kelsey Browning it is hard to put into words. This is the second book in her Prophecy of Love series and Browning develops some amazing characters in Alex and Greer. There is so much depth in these characters and at the end of the story I found myself looking back how much they have grown and I have learned about them. The plot for in this story was quite interesting and really shaped Alex and Greer’s lives and relationship very well.

29421105In A Passion to Pursue, we meet Alex, the new boy in town looking for a job with Prophecy Boot Company. We know Greer as the sister to Cal from A Love To Last. Greer is a bit free and wild always looking for the a way to make a difference and she sees something in Alex that can help her get there. Of course, she finds him hot as hell, too, which doesn’t hurt. Alex follows the dollar signs to Prophecy, Texas from Montana. While he grew up in Texas, some unfortunate situations in his life caused him to flee as far away as possible. Now he is back, trying to lay low, make some cash but finds himself at the center of Greer’s attention. Quite an amusing situation.

From the very beginning of the story you realize A Passion To Pursue is about two people finding themselves in each other. Finding their fit, their passion for what they want to do with their lives and how they can impact the community for Prophecy. The dialogue between Alex and Greer is phenomenal and was the highlight of the book for me. Their intimate scenes were not only very hot and filled with sizzling passion, but also humorous at times due to the dialogue that takes place. I really enjoyed how open Greer was with her feelings and Alex. She holds no grudges for arguments and Alex doesn’t always know what to do with Greer. I love her for it!

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