Review: MACRIEVE by Kresley Cole

In MacRieve by Kresley Cole, William MacRieve, a Lykae shape shifter, has just broken out of prison. He was brutally tortured by the Order, a group that seeks to destroy all species of the Lore. MacRieve wants nothing more than to extract revenge against that group. He gets a chance when the Witches announce an auction to sell Chloe Todd, daughter of the leader of the Order. Chloe knew nothing about the Lore until just over a month ago and she certainly had no idea what her father was involved in. When MacRieve gets to the auction,  he realizes that Chloe is his mate and rescues her. Unfortunately,  Chloe turns out to actually be a Succubus,  the one species of the Lore that MacRieve loathes. Can MacRieve and Chloe find peace and their happily ever after?

8158992I loved Chloe ‘s character!  She was equal parts snark and caring. I felt so sorry when she learned the truth not only about her father but about what she really was. Chloe was a fighter though and she made sure to fight for MacRieve.

One of the running themes of this book was prejudice. MacRieve had been abused by a Succubus as a young child and a horrible family tragedy occurred because of that abuse. MacRieve decided that every Succubus was just like the one who took advantage of him. It took Chloe and his growing love for her to eventually change his mind.

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